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  1. I sale old parts pro dbII SD
  2. jorge agero

    MustHD 703S Hyper-Brite monitor 2200 Nits

    V-look AB mount and D-Tape
  3. jorge agero

    MustHD 703S Hyper-Brite monitor 2200 Nits

    My new monitor it’s amazing The MustHD low price 575€ and hi bright
  4. jorge agero

    WTB Kenyon KS4 Gyros

    Hi Joel I’m selling my kit ks6 post mountain 1,5l Two gyros Pro-Gpi kit
  5. jorge agero

    GPI Pro Titan & Steadicam G70x

    Hi Chris Is very interesting his test, I do not know any operator that has a pro arm and quit selling to buy a g70 and if I know g70 operators who sold it to buy a pro arm. That is the best test there is. In Spain there are only two arms G70 in front of more than 15 Pro arms?
  6. I'm sale my secon PRO ARM 4 blue canister I prefer sale in Europe Price 15000 Euros New in Spain 21000 Euros jorgesteady@gmail.com
  7. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SteadicamGearBuySellRentSwap/permalink/1853918128172680/?sale_post_id=1853918128172680 More details in FB No break pag.
  8. jorge agero

    Pro Arm and Pro vest

    SOLD !!!
  9. For sale Pro Arm and Pro Vest-new size 44/46 Pro arm 4 blue canister Price 18.000 EUROS Madrid-Spain jorgesteady@steadiwork.com
  10. Includes batteries cables donkey braket,original flight case,tripod TERADEK Bolt 1 TX and two RX Ready to flight
  11. NO BREAK PÁG Thanks
  12. For sale Pro Cine Live HD PRO ARM 2blue and 2black PRO VEST CINETRONIC 6,5" TERADEK BOLT 1tx 2 RX Head Betz Cables Flight case and more NO BREAK PAG !!!! Price 42.000 Euros Base in Madrid (Spain)-Europe jorgesteady@steadiwork.com +34629039651