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  1. Teradek Bolt 2000 1xTX, 2xRX USD $7000 Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 transmitter with BNC or HDMI input. 2 x Bolt Pro Receivers with BNC/HDMI output options. 240v power supplies for both RX. Spare aerial set for RX Spare aerial set for TX 2 x 2 pin Lemo to 2 pin Lemo power cables 1 x USB cable 1 x V Lock power pass through transmitter cage. Will connect to V Lock on rear of camera. Battery power will pass through. Keeps TX in line with camera, tidy and balanced. UNITS ARE IN MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - BUYER PAYS SHIPPING
  2. Damien, how did you go with your Venice gig? About to start a TV drama with it, any issues you struck?
  3. Would you consider selling the vest separately? If so what price would you put on it? Thank you!
  4. I appreciate this might be a little "off-topic", but felt it was worth acknowledging within the community. I started a TV drama about three weeks ago, and during pre-production had an issue with the locking mechanism on my Betz Top-Stage. I was hopeful that a couple of spare parts might solve my issue. The Betz top stage came with my rig when I purchased it, and to this point I have had no need to contact Christian or the guys in Germany at all. Within a day, parts were sent to Australia from Germany and I received them within a couple of days of starting production. Whilst the issue didn't stop me using the rig, the parts I purchased just weren't going to do the job. Fortunately once again, Isabell and Christian came to the rescue - we're underway with a repair on my top-stage, and they have sent me a replacement to use in the meantime. Too often we use forums such as this to call out poor customer service, or our frustrations. On this occasion I would just like to acknowledge just how wonderful the support from Betz has been - and how much confidence I have as an operator knowing that businesses such as Christian's understand our industry and the demands. A massive thank you!!! Marty
  5. Just wanted to add some thoughts to this thread. I was looking to upgrade my monitor - and without doubt there are a variety to consider. Going down the Boland path has been brilliant. The monitor has been sensational - and combined with the cam-jam bracket - has been a great addition to my rig. I'm on a narrative gig at the moment that is reasonably steadicam heavy - and I've not had any issue with view ability of the monitor; high/low mode, outside bright sun (the max brightness function is terrific) Combined with that, the service from Gary Litwin and his team was exceptional. Australia still tends to be a long way away at times and he has been superb in assisting me with my purchase. Probably something a number of other businesses could learn from!. Thanks Gary, thanks Boland.
  6. Jens, Are you able to give me an idea on what sort of price point they will have? And if "very soon" would also include the Australian market? Cheers
  7. Looking at upgrading the monitor on my rig to the Transvideo Rainbow SBL 7" .... Interested in hearing from anyone using one currently, and their thoughts. Thank you in advance Marty
  8. Sorry to hear that Michael - and apologies for telling you something you already knew!! Good luck, I'd be interested in hearing the outcome.
  9. Michael, I have an MKV rig and it was suggested to me from a friend (who also operates a similar rig) that the early versions of the electronics were more susceptible to interference from two ways - apparently the shielding in the post cable isn't the best and gives you that intermittent response you are experiencing. I upgraded the electronics in my rig to the V4 and haven't experienced any issue. I'm no expert - but it may be something worth considering. Particularly if the connections all check out. All the best
  10. Thanks Brett, so do the mounts add additional p-taps into the mix? I like to power the camera from the sled ... But the cage becomes useless if you have to power with a battery? Unless you have the relevant P-tap to camera cable ....
  11. I'm presuming that the dual mount has power pass-through .... am I presuming correct, or have I made a fool of myself (again!)!
  12. Figured as much - but wondered whether I was missing something else! Take care
  13. What benefits do you guys feel like you get from inverting that battery rack?
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