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  1. Sony 4K Cine Alta 135mm 2.0 lens. This is a brand new lens never used only time its been out of the box was to take pictures, again it is Brand New $2000 email or call bluepalm@bellsouth.net cell 305-778-9450 Todd
  2. $6250 This lens is in good condition zoom is smooth very good piece of glass 305-778-9450 bluepalm@bellsouth.net Todd
  3. Alright lets sell this lens...$6500 bluepalm@bellsouth.net 305-778-9450 Todd
  4. $7000 Free Shipping...that's a great deal contact: blue palm@bellsouth.net 305-778-9450 Todd
  5. $6750 Free Shipping doesn't get any better than that. bluepalm@bellsouth.net 305-778-9450 Todd
  6. This is a great deal on a great lens $7250 free shipping feel free to contact me 305-778-9450 bluepalm@bellsouth.net Todd
  7. Gentleman this is a great deal that just got better $7250 free shipping feel free to contact me bluepalm@bellsouth.net 305-778-9450 Todd
  8. Any questions you can email me at blue palm@bellsouth.net this is a great tool you will not be disappointed.
  9. Any questions you can email me at blueplam@bellsouth.net
  10. Fujinon 13 x 4.5 BERM M-48 2X Extender For Sale Good Condition Located in Miami, Florida $7500 Free Shipping 305-778-9450 Todd This is a very good lens hate to sell but moving to all cine lenses
  11. Steadicam Zephyr HDFor sale used for my F55 this is a very good tool located in Miami, Florida $7500 Free Shipping Contact me directly 305-778-9450 Todd Zephyr Sled System Camera Mounting Dovetail Plate 1/4-20 Camera Mounting Screw 3/8-16 Camera Mounting Screw 2 Section Post System Low Friction Gimbal Zephyr Arm System 7" LCD Monitor 7" LCD Monitor Cable Gold Mount 12V Battery Mount Counter Weights (x4) Middle Counter Weights (x4) Docking Bracket BNC to RCA Adaptor RCA to BNC Adaptor 7" BNC Video Cable 12 Volt Power Cable Operating Manual Hard Case w/ Wheels Low Mode Kit Images Attached
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