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  1. Looking for an Archer 2, preferably in or close to Europe but not a necessity. If you are about to sell your rig or know anyone that may be about to sell, please let me know. I am not in a hurry, so if you are about to upgrade or something and will sell your Archer 2 in the future, that is something I am very interested in. You can reach me at: fanatiqs@me.com Thanks, /Gustav
  2. Thank you for all your answers :) Have a great day! /Gustav
  3. Thank you. I guess it's made for their battery mount and not necessarily anything else. One last question if that's okay with you. I have used a shadow for the past 2 years and the arm is stored inside the vest in a dufflebag. My thinking is that I may want to store the arm in a similar way with an Archer 2. When reading about the case to the Archer 2 I have fount that it is something like 62cm if I remember correctly. And when I measured the bag for the G70x arm it was about 70cm. What I'm asking is, will the arm fit in the case without taking it apart? /Gustav
  4. Thank you very much for your response. How easy was it to change out the rods yourself? And about the weights, I thought it had a mounting plate at the bottom, like the shadow, is that wrong? /Gustav
  5. Hi, anyone out there with an Archer 2 that can explain and show some pictures of how the fold up system work. Thinking of buying a used one but want to know how it works and how easy it would be to replace the rods. I know the Archer 2 SP has a "better" system for the monitor and battery so I'm trying to figure out how much of a difference it would make to see if it is worth buying a new Archer 2 SP or if I should look for a used one with the old system. If you have any other thoughts, positive or negative, about the Archer 2, I would love to hear it. Thanks :)
  6. Someone mentioned Redrock micro before but that post is now gone. The good thing about the Redrock system is the thumbwheel. Can't say anything about quality for any of these products really since I have only used the ARRI system.
  7. DJI have a system too. Made to take power from p-tap on the Ronin (not sure if all Ronins have a p-tap though). I don't think they have a thumbwheel system but worth checking out. Remember that if you use lenses without teeth, you need a teeth strap thing on the lens for it to work. If the DJI focus and Redrock micro systems are too expensive, maybe check out Lenzhound by motion dogs. The motor is probably quite loud for a follow focus and I'm sure it has other issues as well. But it might be a good starting point if noise is not gonna be a problem (not picking up audio close to the mic in quite room with fast focus rack). Hope this answer has at least pointed you in the right direction.
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