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  1. Ok ive got a question for anyone who knows. With the Movi M15, which controller would be better for what situations. Theres the Movi Controller itself or the Spektrum DX7s. I was just wondering if anyone had opinions on them.
  2. Anyone hear of any updates on this... I havent seen or heard anything about release date. Looking to get it, however if its going to take a while well... ill have to pass this time around.
  3. As far as I can tell her its made for the ronin only. Fits right on its connector to the top bar.
  4. Works pretty good, I'll have footage up from a fashion show at some point. I was just wondering though. I don't have any experience in it but it says it supports 3rd party dbus and ppm receivers. I suppose it would be more related to drone technology however would it be possible to make your own remote control? In any case, its great as a BCam although briefcase mode can get a bit finicky. I also suspect I cannot properly balance it because the 5d Mark II I'm using for BCam is too light. I'll be playing with it a bit trying to get it to work.
  5. Custom Job, actually I think I know what im going with, its off brand, however in conjunction with the DJI ronin we might have a winner. Oh yes and Sorry the Wieldy Steadicam-II I know, its cheap, but its a starter and I can mount the Ronin to the sled for sled, brushless gimbal and arm. Hell I could even use the arm itself since its weighted for 30-35 lbs and use that to hold up a shoulder rig while using the dji for general shooting.
  6. Basically this....anybody know any good stabilizer arm and vests. Just the arm and vest no sled, offbrand is fine just it has to support at least 20lbs something in that range. So fairly heavy duty and most of those cost alot. Im hoping for less than an arm and a leg. Maybe around 1000-1500? I mean most of the ones ive found for those weights are quite expensive ranging from 2000 - 10k for tiffen. I know offbrand theres... Varizoon (hardly offbrand but still expensive) Came (horrible name I swear) Laing Wieldy. In addition I did see this article.... http://cheesycam.com/new-dual-arm-stabilizer-vest-vs-steadicam-merlin-vest Which seemed to indicate the merlin arm might be too strong a vest. Thoughts on that anyone? Otherwise im looking at the Merlin Arm and Vest upgrade and going from there.
  7. Is there a cheap even offbrand heavy duty Arm and Vest stabilization system for 20lbs and up? Anything at all less than thousands and thousands of dollars.
  8. Yes well as of right now im a one man show. Regardless im attempting to get this setup. I'll write a laymans review for everyone of all of it put together. DJI Ronin + Steadicam Merlin arm and vest (looking into this. if anyone has suggestions for a cheap well put together heavy duty more than 20 lb arm and vest post let me know) Will add sled at a later date, something like that XD.
  9. Ah nevermind 1/2" post. Edit as well Ok i dont know if this is possible but springs are springs. I mean would there be a way to rig a stronger spring to the merlin arm or would that break the pins and post holding it together? It only holds up to 15 lbs so I was hoping for a cheap and dirty way to make it stronger.
  10. Does anyone happen to know the measurements for the Tiffen Steadicam Merlin Arm post? What size would it fit?
  11. I believe with the DJI ronin you can. At least one way based off whats on the site is stabilized pan and tilt using the supplied 2nd controller. So a second operator can control it using the brushless motors. Yes I read further down the page. Smooth Track tuning allows you to pan and tilt so in theory yes. Let me check cinemilled. I dont see anything about it. Upon further inspection it may not since its attached directly to the arm. Great input, ill email them and make certain. Thanks exactly the questions I was looking for!
  12. Basically thoughts and possible difficulties of this? Cinemilled offers an adapter which forgoes the need for a sled, just DJI Ronin with its stabilization straight to the armpost adapter. Pictures and video from the Cinemilled Site. http://vimeo.com/105086034 From: Cinemilled It seems to have lowmode ability as well. Looks like a good idea to me. For the more advanced operators. Would this work with a cheaper vest and armpost setup something offbrand. Any manufacturing deficiencies or precision due to not being Tiffen Steadicam should easily be compensated by the DJI Ronin itself I would think. *edit - nevermind that, they have recommended weight restrictions either way the X-10 looks to be the best bet. Looking to use this instead of a typical steadicam rig for more versatility. Thanks in advance! --- Alternately to save money I can get different weight springs. Thoughts on taking out existing springs from the merlin steadicam arm and vest and putting new ones in for heavier weight. ---
  13. I have to say I'm fairly new as well however I've used the Merlin and it works great for smaller cameras like a DSLR. Rock steady minimum sway and balancing is easy. (Like I said I'm a beginner) I wish it had suited my needs however it may suit yours.
  14. Love it. Moduler is music to my ears wish they had a solid release date.
  15. When I get to the office I'll pair it down as much as I can and post a picture.
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