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  1. WCU4 would be the better choice for drone work with an Alexa Mini as you can control almost all the camera settings. Preston is great and always rock solid, but if you're always going to be using a Mini, WCU4 is probably the way to go.
  2. Yes. Scott Sakamoto, John Connor and Arthur To were all thanked.
  3. Contact Arri directly. They have an office in Ontario which you're are able to order from.
  4. Anyone use a WCU4 with the Mini's yet?
  5. Looking for a used Cinetape able to be shipped to Canada (will pay additional shipping costs). PM me if you've got something you'd like to sell.
  6. Adapter to use Jerry Hill mounts: http://steadimoves.com/product/pam-heden-motors-adapter/
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions! 25ยข later and I now have a perfectly working lanyard loop that also perfectly fits a small carabiner.
  8. I see, so does this mean that the nut has probably fallen out of place? If the Handunit was opened up, would the nut be able to be replaced or put back in it's proper position?
  9. I prepped for a show today and the HU3 I was given by the rental house has no lanyard loop because the thread where it screws on has been stripped. I brought it to the attention of the rental house, but they have no other available units and it's also a sub-rent, so they weren't willing to re-tap the hole or make any other modifications to the unit. Does anyone know an alternative way to attach a lanyard? Only idea I can think of is adding a 1/4-20 eyebolt to the back where the microforce screws on. Kind of in a weird position, but it would do something. Any other suggestions? Someone suggested super glueing a plastic adhesive ceiling loop sort of thing that you would find at a craft store to the bottom, but I wouldn't want to trust that. Thanks
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