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  1. http://i60.tinypic.com/2pyb11l.jpg Anyone have an idea?? Thank you!
  2. Ah this is the answer I'm looking for. Honestly, I'm a fan of you get what you pay for, but I'm not one to judge a steadicam since I've only ever used one model. I'm going in on one with a friend and he showed this to me and I was a little skeptical about it but I thought maybe it's just the new generation of products. Now that I think about it, I said the same thing about my affordable shoulder rig that broke on me...lol What rigs would any of you suggest that are in the 10-30 range? well more of a ~≤30
  3. Well the Zephyr is about $9,000 with ≤24lb limit. This Came is about $1,000 with a ≤30lb limit. Im still conflicted! :( Im trying to fly cameras from BlackMagic4k to Sony F55s and Reds (I guess) lol
  4. Hi all, I currently own a Varizoom Aviator and have been in the market to upgrade to something that can handle more weight. At least in a 20-30lb max range. I came across the CAME steadicam carbon fiber stabalizer, and it's only $900 with a max out at something like 33lbs. It is made in China, but a lot of people are reviewing it, at least a lot of consumers. Of course I'm looking to get something made by Steadicam or Glidecam or any of the noteworthy brands, but do any of you have any opinions of have tested out one of these CAME guys? Please let me know!! Thank you. Link to product http://www.came-tv.com/came-2515kg-load-pro-camera-steadicam-video-carbon-stabilizers-p-88.html - James
  5. Hey all, I've been seeing a lot of wireless follow focus units coming out and already in existence. I personally use a Preston FiZ or Chrosziel Magnum (Owned by Evidence Camera Rentals in Echo park) but have been wanting my own unit for my personal shoots. I don't have the budget to get my own FiZ or anything fancy but I would like to spend maybe a few grand on something that is somewhat reliable. I really only need one motor at this point for low end stuff, but the option for more couldn't hurt, and definitely would like something that can worth well with other brand motors if need be. What do you think? Any suggestions? Thoughts? Thank you for your responses! - James
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