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  1. FOR SALE: A Vinten Post Head (Swan), in good condition. Pan and tilt drag setting are fluid and silky smooth. Locks work well, as does the camera platform worm gear that allows you to tilt the camera platform fore and aft. Pan handle lock and ring also work well. Has wear and use marks, but everything is well taken care of and very clean. This nodal swing head weighs 20lbs, has a payload capacity of 50lbs, and is designed so that the center of gravity of the camera remains in the body of the camera. Performing small, smooth moves, even at the long end of zooms, is simple and repeatable. No need to fight the counter balance springs Drag is infinitely adjustable (through 8 levels) on both pan and tilt axes Like other swing heads, this can be under slung on jibs. or even rail dollies. DOES NOT come with a ball or Mitchell base. DOES NOT come with camera mounting screw(s). Has 4 hole bottom for mounting 4-hole bases, like 150mm/Mitchell...can also use Vinten quick mount bases, which come in a variety of styles. Also uses 3/8" camera plate screws...but make sure they're no shorter than 1" from tip to head...the camera mounting plate is thick...it's not like regular tripod plates...you can see in the pics above... Also comes with a copy of the original operations/maintenance manual, that covers the major aspects of the Post Head, including construction, operation, maintenance, parts etc... Ships in a well used Pelican 1550 with pluck foam. This is an incredibly well engineered, and well built tripod head. If you're looking for a nodal swing head, this is one you might want to consider. I'm actually kind of sad to see her go...but my jobs don't use big cameras anymore, and this Swan doesn't see any action anymore... :( $1850 OBO. SHIPS TO US. PAYPAL please. Buyer pays shipping.
  2. Hi Nicholaus, I had an X-45 sled a few years ago, which I bought used. I can tell you that it was a competent sled. That is to say the gimbal was fine, you can balance it yourself if it gets out of shape, and the electronics are fairly rudimentary. Just plugs, really, 12v power (only) to top and bottom of the sled, through 2 pin lemos and 3 HD lines, which are nice. As you may know, those connectors on the upper are positioned up front, in a breakout box, EFP sled style, so make sure all your cables are long enough to reach it! There were two things I didn't really like with it, which was the stock monitor mount, which is kind of a scissors type mount...wasn't bad, but could be more rigid, especially if you're using heavier monitors, or monitor/recorder combos...or monitor/battery combos. The battery hanger was a pain, especially when trying to dynamic balance. The battery hanger telescopes, yes...but the locks that release the battery hanger, are also the locks that secure the orientation of the battery mounts, which tilt up and down (+/- 90 degrees vertical). So when you move the hanger fore or aft with one hand, you also need to secure the battery mounts with your other hand to keep them from flopping around...which means two hands on the bottom of the sled...which can mean it can be difficult to make small, measured adjustments while your sled is on the balancing pin of your dock. That being said, it balancing can be done, you just learn to live with it the way it is. Something else to consider -- it's not what many would consider modular. That is to say, you won't find anyone making any third party parts that fit this sled. Once you're in with the system you're pretty much stuck with it. It has an odd 1.75 inch post, which, while rigid, won't take any 1.5 inch gimbals...you MIGHT be able to get a 2" gimbal to fit, but you'd need to custom make a sleeve of some kind that fits that 1.75 post. Popular donkey box options also may not fit, so you're kind of stuck there too. And of course the batter hanger situation doesn't get much better either. Same goes for monitor mount, although, it might be possible to find someone to fab a sleeve that will fit that post. I looked up the price of a new x-45 sled...if none of the issues above bother you...and if you NEED the size/weight capacity of an X-45...you MAY want to consider looking to buy a used Master Series sled or, if you can find one, a good, used EFP sled for around or close to the cost of a new X45 sled. You do get some of the same problems (in the case of the Masters sled, not totally modular) but proven design and build quality. Plenty of people make parts that fit the old EFP...from Donkey boxes to batter hangers, and gimbal options to monitor mount options, and HD upgrades..and it has a "standard" 1.5 inch post to boot... The other option...is just build it from parts. There was a time when a lot of PRO ops were switching from their old Pro1/2 setups to go Cinelive, and there were parts to be found on the forum...the advantage of PRO being their systems ARE modular and expandable, as it were...you can find people that can convert SD systems to HD, for example..building takes time,and research, and will probably cost more money, but you MAY end up with a sled that you can grow in capability, as your grow as an operator..and retain cash value... Anyways, hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions! Beau The other option is...build your own sled from parts, which is possible. I did it, and
  3. Hi Abraham, If you have some cash, you might consider Anton Bauer's travel chargers.. AB Twin 60 https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/241320-REG/Anton_Bauer_TWIN_TWIN_60_watt_Two_Position.html A two position charger, that's small and light weight. I think it's a tandem charger as well, meaning it can heat up two batts at once...but don't quote me on that. I know that it chargers slower than a 4-top, but it makes up for it in size...it's about the size of a dionic HC. Also, if your concerned about damaging your batteries, since this an AB product, this charger talks to AB batteries, and is supposed to be able to determine the best charge routine for them. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/227829-REG/Anton_Bauer_TANDEM70_Tandem_70_On_Camera_AC_Power_Charger.html It's pricey, but it's also an AC adapter for cameras that use up to 70 watts...which doesn't do you any good if you're running an Alexa, per se, but still...also, if your concerned about damaging your batteries, this charger talks to AB batteries, and is supposed to be able to determine the best charge routine for them. Don't know if these would work for you, but hope this helps!
  4. Well, the listed price is what I would prefer. I'm also open to your best offer. So I guess my answer to your question would be a question...as in, how close can you get to the $2750 listed above? Let me know what you think when you can. Thanks
  5. Hi Xavier, Yes, it's still available. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks Beau
  6. Hi All, I had this vest up for sale earlier, with some damaged backing -- after further thought, I decided to get it repaired before selling it to anyone. Hopefully the mods are okay with this old vest in a new post... In any case, here's an Ultra 2 vest in used, but good condition. With all new backing! (pics included) No cracks or fissures in the back/shoulder strap plastic! Fully functional, and works as intended. It's got scuff marks, and wear from normal use, but the ratchet straps are still flexible and toothy, velcro is sticky and all the metal hardware is in good shape. There's one modification I made: I have it so that you don't have to unclip the crossback strap on the left side to exit the vest. Other than that, this is a standard Ultra 2 vest. $2750 (USD) OBO. Buyer to pay shipping, VAT, etc (if applicable). Paypal preferred (I ship to confirmed addresses only) Let me know if you have any questions! Beau
  7. BUMP for PRICE DROP! $1650! Let me know if you're interested or have questions! Beau
  8. Hi All, Selling my Ultra 2 vest -- she's used but in fair condition. Couple of things of note...this one has the slim pads, not the "life vest" type found on some of the older ones. It's also a normal size vest, not a compact. There's also the issue of the plastic near the shoulder clips being cracked. See pics below. Apparently this is a known issue with this generation of vest, and does not seem to affect the function of the vest overall. According to Tiffen, some ops have operated with these cracks for extended periods without much issue (although you might want to have it repaired/replaced just to be sure). I did get a quote from Tiffen to repair the backing, if you're interested in hearing about it. Other than that, I've modified the backstraps so that you don't have to un-clip them to get in and out of the vest. from the left side. There's some wear near the chest straps as well, from the velcro rubbing up on it. Looking for $2500 OBO. Buyer to pay shipping/VAT etc... Let me know if you have questions. Thanks! Beau
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