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  1. typo in above post, sorry, I've been back and forth on things. to clarify, Vest IS included. thanks
  2. So, can't seem to modify the original post, however, the new asking price is $19,000 with Vest. . Kit comes with everything and the Vest for 19k USD
  3. Bought used in late 2014. At its core its a standard def Pro Gen 1, but I have since put quite a lot into upgrades and maintenance, most recently completely rebuilding the gimbal and refurbishing the top stage. The rig flies great. The older items have typical wear and tear, but most essentials are either new or have been refurbished. Feel free to contact me with any questions, I'm located in Los Angeles. Please read through the description, the asking price is below. GPI Pro Gen I Modified, Complete Rig includes: Sled (SD) Betz Topstage (Fully Refurbished at Betz Germany, 2017) Pro Gimbal (Fully Rebuilt and added new yoke by GPI PRO, 2016) Pro Telescoping Center Post Gen 1 Pro Gen I Electronics with new Breakers (Refurbished 2015 by Terry West) SteadyRig Battery Hanger Upgrade (Purchased New 2015) Pro 7" Camera Plate Cinematic Precision Alexa Camera Plate w/ BPA-1 Adaptor XCS Std Camera Plate w/ Rods Monitor Transvideo SD 6" Cinemonitor iiia Monitor Power Cable XCS Dual Rod Monitor Support Arms “Drop Down” Style Vest Pro Vest (Fits height around 5'10" , waists 34” and larger) Arm IIIa Steadicam Arm, Gold Spring (Refurbished by Robert Luna 2015) Arm bag Cases (2) Pelican 1650 Support Hill Balance Bracket and Docking Station American Steadi Stand (Has Heavy Wear) Backstage 8” Wheel Kit Backstage Stand Trough Accessories GPI Pro Low mode bracket with pin 12" Pro arm post with clamp Pro Gimbal wrench XCS Preston Mount Harrison Camera Cover 3a Arm Rain Cover AJA Downconverter Cables Alexa Power Cable 2x Hyper Thin BNC Cables Power 2x Switronix Hypercore 150 Gold Mount batteries Anton Bauer Quad Serial Charger and power cable —— Cost of Recent Upgrades (2015 to Present): ⁃ SteadyRig Battery Hanger $3095.00 ⁃ XCS Dual Rod Monitor Support Arms “Drop Down” Style $1429 - XCS Camera Plate $350 - Alexa Steadicam Plate $500 - Arri BPA-1 Alexa Plate Adapter $90 - XCS Preston Mount $450 - GPI Pro Low Mode Bracket $207 - GPI Pro Armpost 12” $45 - Switronix Batteries $950 - Tray Backstage 150$ - Backstage 8” Steadi Stand Wheels $200 total: $7,466 Cost of Recent Maintenance (2015 to Present): ⁃ 1/9/2016 Gimbal Rebuilt / Yoke Enhanced $2,798.64 ⁃ 05/31/2017 Refurbish Betz TopStage $565 ⁃ 10/30/15 Luna Refurbished Arm $1360 ⁃ Electronics Refurb Breakers Changed - Terry West $500 total: $5223.64 Selling complete. Asking $19000.00 USD with VEST. Located in Los Angeles, CA. Domestic or International Shipping at buyers cost.
  4. Backstage TR-05 Steadicam Cart - Excellent Condition $2100, or best offer. I will also consider trade of a junior magliner and cash combo. Item is located in Los Angeles. See link below for original sale posting with pics etc. http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=25666&hl= email - awilkins07 at yahoo or DM here. (apologies for the double post, couldn't seem to figure out how to edit the old one.)
  5. does this principle: "The arm will perform better with more weight; best at its maximum" apply also to a IIIa arm? I've noticed a difference in my shots from when I was flying an Alexa Classic with anamorphic glass as opposed to lighter builds, F55 and Mini's. I'm still fairly new to steadicam so at first I figured the performance was with me and not the rig, but I am now curious if there is an optimal weight for the IIIa arm? I have a gold spring recently serviced by Robert Luna, I believe he said the max load was 54lbs. I definitely put the rig down less on set with lighter builds, but ultimately I want to execute my shots with precision, so if I gotta weight it down, I will.
  6. Specifications 4 Upright Angle Bars (L39") Top Shelf (L 36 1/2" x W 25 7/8") Bottom Shelf (L 48 3/4" x W 25 7/8") Removable Wheels (locking latch device) Wheels: 2-10" Rigid & 2-10" Swivel w/ brake Steadi-Cam Riser with Bumper (included) Telescopic Handles Transformer system, fully collapsible 5/32" Allen wrench required to dismantle 115 lbs. L54 5/16" x W26 7/8" x H40 5/8" 115 lbs. L54 5/16" x W26 7/8" x H7 3/4" (Folded)
  7. Excellent Condition - Rolls like a dream, has minor wear. Bought early 2016. Included: - TR-05 Cart - Mag Mini Utility Box 27" - 2 Cart Hooks Works well for Ronin/Ready Rig setups as well (see pics) No tax, No wait (Original order took several weeks from backstage). $2550 Local Pickup in Los Angeles only
  8. Hi all, I know it's a long shot, but I'm looking to purchase a Backstage Collapsible Steadicam Cart TR-05 which apparently Backstage discontinued. Preferebly in or nearby Los Angeles. Anybody willing to part with theirs or have any leads on where I can get one please PM me. Thanks, Alejandro
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