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  1. Hi Trevan. Y're from Europe or USA?
  2. Hello everybody. Does anyone know if there are any G-zoom distributors in Europe? Thank you very much in advance. Pedro
  3. Try to buy a bebob zoe eng zoom controller. It is quite reliable. The only problem is that it is no longer manufactured by Bebob. It will have to be used. Another option is the Stick zoomcontrol from Betz Tools. All the best Pedro
  4. I had to use Nucleos -M and there were several connection problems between the focus motor and the hand unit. It was very bad, because the focus assistant was forced to calibrate the system several times, which is embarrassing because it forced some stops. Within this range of equipment the DJI follow focus system works much better. Otherwise, if possible, bartech or similar. Pedro
  5. zoom controller Hello everyone. I want to buy a new zoom controller. bebob zoe is no longer produced. Which zoom controller do you advise for live broadcasting? Thanks Pedro Silva
  6. Hi, everyone! I recently found some vibration on my efp top stage. I think it comes from the front five screws that belong to the clamp edge. All the screws seem to be very tight and i'm afraid that they broke if I try harder. How could I solve this issue? Do I have to take the top stage off the post to solve that? Thanks Pedro
  7. Pedro Silva


    Hi everyone! How can I get the user manual of an old Seitz follow focus? Thanks Pedro
  8. Hi Aline! Can you mail me with photos? Thanks! ped.melo.silva@gmail.com
  9. WTB analog Bartech handset and reciever. No need motors! Pedro Silva
  10. Hello everyone, Someone knows the pinouts configuration of the Hirose, Lemo and XLR connectors of the Jbox and Dbox of the EFP sled? Where can I access this information? I need to make some cables. Thank you, Pedro
  11. Search for an Arri Artemis Vest. Europe. Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone! Does anyone have tried the Smartsystem´s "Smartcam Vest Lite"? Any opinions? The best, Pedro
  13. Hi everyone! I want to buy a Provid ou SK2 steadicam. Please email me. ped.melo.silvagmail.com
  14. Olá Tiago, Desculpa só responder agora, mas como não recebi notificação do teu post.... A forma como passas o cabo é igual à forma como faço. :-) queria era ver se havia outra forma. Sou op da Rtp Porto. E tu? Abraço
  15. Pedro Silva

    IIIA Arm

    Hi Maurizio. Thank you. I'll go to your website then I send you a message. All the best. Pedro
  16. Pedro Silva

    IIIA Arm

    Hello everyone! Does anyone knows where can I get my IIIA arm tuned and machined here in Europe? Thank you Cheers, Pedro
  17. Finally got the fiber jumper :)) Thank you all, Pedro
  18. Hi Marc, thanks for sharing your tricks. It seems a real good solution. I wil try and then I let you know how it Works for me. Pedro
  19. Hello everyone! Some of the works I do for tv are with wired broadcast cameras. Does anyone have any tricks to make shure that the cable does not destroy the balance of the sled? asking this because I still have the triax adapter. If someone wants to help.... Thank you Pedro
  20. Hi Andrew, Very interesting! Pedro
  21. Hi Patrick, good point of view, but like you said, in Europe is not very easy to find. And by the way, at this time Sachtler is my goal :) regards, Pedro
  22. Hi Louis! I totally agree whith you. I think the expertise and background of brands like Steadicam, MK-v, Pro, Sachtler speaks for themselves. Just liked to know from other experiences of other operatores with Movcam stablizers. Here in Portugal it is not very easy to try several brands of stablizers, and so I posted. Cheers, Pedro
  23. Hi, all! Has anyone tried the Movcam Stablizers? The design is very similar to MK-v and Steadicam brands, but wonder if do they have the same quality and performance? Just for curiosity! Cheers P.S: sorry for the error, "system" and not "sistem"
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