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  1. Looking to purchase a Wave Please email me at rtoussieng@gmail.com I check there more often Thank you!
  2. Please and thank you. Cheers! #: 747-222-4486
  3. Are you still selling these? Email me at rtoussieng@gmail.com Very interested
  4. Looking for a Klassen Vehicle Mount. B side configuration. Thanks all!
  5. Will start the price at $17,500 Everything you need to start besides your choice of arm vest and monitor! Willing to negotiate.
  6. Selling 2 black PRO arm canisters. New version w/o windows. Never been used. $6,600 new. Selling for $3500 or best offer. Will trade for 2 blues. NYC Local. Buyer pays shipping, will ship worldwide. Email me directly for offers/questions rtoussieng@gmail.com
  7. Selling my first and much beloved PRO - MKV hybrid sled. The best of both worlds here, this rig treated me well for a couple of years. Just recently got a new sled so looking to offload this one with some various AKS. It'll make a newcomer very happy with all accessories needed to start besides the arm, vest and monitor. Ready to fly. Gimbal is also VOLT ready. The Sled - MK-V 1.5" Carbon Fiber Two Stage Telescoping Post w/ V-3+ Electronics (Upgraded Post Cable) and 3 V-Mount Battery Plates - GPIPro Gimbal (S/N 294) - GPIPro DB3 (S/N 065) - XCS Dual Rod Telescoping Bracket w Cam-Jam Yoke (just need CG mount for your monitor, around 50 bucks) Cables - MK-V to Arri 24v Cable - MK-V to 4pin XLR Cable (use with AB Plate for universal camera power) - Various BNC Cables Brackets - Jerry Hill GAD 2 Docking Bracket w/ docking ring (BRAND NEW! Used on one shoot) - PRO Docking Bracket - Various Steadicam Camera Plates Cases - Sled Case w/ Monitor Spot - AKS Case Cart - Magliner Cart w/ Steadicam System (Mast, Pin, Cushion) Various AKS/Power - Matthews Hollywood Beefy Baby Stand - 3 IDX Flight Safe 90wh Batteries with Dual Charger - All Tools for the Gimbal, Sled and DB3 25k+ worth of gear. Make me an offer. Looking to sell as much of the full package as possible. NYC Local. Buyer pays for shipping. Will ship worldwide. Email me directly at rtoussieng@gmail.com for offers/questions. Thank you all!
  8. Someone's selling one in the Marketplace, not sure who
  9. Selling my IDX VL2-Plus charger. VERY light use, I've been using my Quad charger. Immaculate condition. New:$250 Selling:$175 Buyer pays shipping. Located in NYC for local pickup. Thank you friends! Note: Photos upon request. Mobile isn't allowing these file sizes.
  10. Friends! In a bit of a pinch right now. Im looking to buy a V lock male plate for my Intersex plate to mount my recorder to an empty v lock battery spot. Attached a photo of what I need. I can buy them online, but they take weeks and I have a job coming up in a week. My email is rtoussieng@gmail.com Thank you so much!
  11. Thought I would put some feelers out there before contacting MK-V directly... Anybody have an extra Dual IDX mount with 3 pin MK-V power lying around? Mine crapped out unfortunately, Mount drops power sporadically. Thanks so much!
  12. Title says it all, Looking for a MK-V docking bracket for a 1.5" post. No collar needed. You can directly contact me at rtoussieng@gmail.com Thanks all!
  13. Axel, Just purchased my cam jam yoke for my sled with my XCS monitor bracket and I couldn't be happier. In order to use my smallHD HB with it, I had to purchase an adapter kit from them. It might be possible that this adapter could work with your yoke system? Worth a shot! Email Matthias and see if his adapter could possibly work.
  14. Hey Tom! Thanks so much, Im really happy with it! Just currently trying to make it work for me... little things like this. A cinelock is actually a great idea for a fix... I know when I'm assisting a cinelock is my favorite thing when it comes to swapping things quickly! Im going to look around for a more proper system. The CamJam yoke is looking pretty sweet right now.
  15. I knew it didn't look right. Ill definitely look into a new spud. Thanks Gents.
  16. Hey friends! Ive been having some difficulty with this bracket issue so I thought I should take it to the forum. It seems like a simple thing, but Ill take as much advice as I can to make this work. I just purchased a rig that included an XCS telescoping dual rod monitor bracket. Ive been trying to use my smallHD DP7 High Bright with it, but the screw in the mount keeps spinning, not allowing the monitor to tighten fully. I can take the mount apart and use a tool to screw in the mount to the monitor, but it is time consuming and rather backwards if you ask me. Im thinking the best option is to Loctite the screw in there, but Im afraid the monitor will become tight past or before a perfect level, and there isn't a way to adjust the mount itself if that occurs. (Just a horizontal 360 axis and a monitor pan). Ive been racking my brain for a solution but I've come up empty. P.S. And that kip lever is in a really stupid spot. Any ideas to make this bracket easier to work with? Thanks everyone.
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