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  1. NEW PRICE 3400 Dollar + Shipping location. Stockholm, Sweden
  2. Im seeling my well used vest. I would say this is primary for spare parts. But it could work for the 1 vest of a new operator. I would buy new pads if possible. I can send it any were in the world. buyer pays shipping and eventually VAT. Im asking 700 Dollar + shipping OBO
  3. Im selling my trusted 3A arm This arm is a work horse and it has worked wonderfully for many years and projects. I bought it in late 2007 and Robert Luna did a complete overhaul on the arm in early 2016. I haven´t worked with the arm this since 2017. Carrying range is between 15-30 kg. (33-66IBS). Arm serial nr is 572. The package include. Arm, arm cover and allen key I can send it any were in the world if needed, but eventually VAT will be added. Im asking 4200 Dollar + plus shipping My location is Stockholm, Sweden.
  4. Thanks Ron But what do you mean with no safety. I was strapped to the seat and the pace on the vehicle is walking pace. Thanx.
  5. Hello guys I would like to have an answer on a specific shot. I´m helping a DP test a few shot to a feature he his working with. We have tried 2 sort of set ups. The first is with steadicam about 3 m up in the air, hard mounted. I felt that it was a little bit tricky since the speed of the vehicle wast´t constant and it was on a windy day. The picture is good but it waves from side to side. The other was with an equipment called G motion & chapman vertical vibration isolator. also about 3 m up in the air. It looked good from down but I thought that the picture was to shake. I think that they are gonna do some work to stabilize the image later on postproduction My question to you is if I use Gyros on the steadicam, do you think that it would help/better. The framing is from above looking about 45 degrees down. As static as possible. Many thanks for the help. Nestor Salazar
  6. Hello all I also just bought my archos 5. Ive been using it on a couple of job and its been working great. Its very easy to use, to watch the videos you recorded and to download them to the computer.. It have alot of nice ad ons like GPS that I have been thinking of bying.. I don have the power cable to my nexus yet, so I have been using it on batteries. But as soon as I have the cable it will be complete. I would like to have something more adapted to field work, but right now I can´t think of having anything else for that price. I would defenetly recommended it.
  7. Hello everybody. My name is Nestor Salazar. Am a new operator from Sweden. Am gonna finally purchase my first rig :D and I been looking for an arm. I have seen one but I heard thats something wrong with it. I just dont now how much problem that is. I have attached some pics for you to look at. Hope you guys can see in the middle of the picture, inside the springs. like something is stuck. My question is - Is this a problem / can it be fixed, were and how much will it cost.?? Ive heard that they have tested it and it works fine. But it makes a clocking sound when you boom up or down.!! - Another question that I have is how much this arm carries.?? As far as I now its a master arm.?? Hope somebody can Answer my questions. Kind Regards Nestor Salazar Manriquez
  8. Well everybody. Now I now moore. I havent tried goofy since the workshop. Well they didnt exactly tell us that we HAD to have the steadicam regular. But they teached that way. By the way the teacher was Jerry Holway. Well am gonna try it and see how it feels. Thanx again everybody for your detaild information. Nice to have big brothers. :blink: Greetings
  9. Thanx for the reply Rob Am gonna take a closer look at those things. Actually the rigg didnt fell misplaced. I can let go of it and it just fly infront of me. But my walk is something that I really have to look into. Actually GOOFY was another thing that I was wondering about.?? How can you be sure that you are regular or goofy.? I have doing it regular since the workshop. Beacuse they said that the left hand was moore gentle to the post. While the right strong hand booms up. My girlfriend did a test with me pointing out what foot I often use. She was behind me, suddenly she pushed me forward to see what foot I reacted with. The Left. And also when I move around I tend to start with the left. When I play hockey am goofy, also when I snowboard am goofy. Should I be goofy when I do steadicam to.???? Greetings from
  10. Hello everybody I have a couple of question about a thing that I have notice. I have read for about 2 hours on he forum looking for answers. Find a couple. But I still wanna ask. I did a shot like walking the line. The shot was filmed in a church. The shot was a 60 m fast walk, up 2 steps, stopping in a lock off mid shot of a couple getting married with the priest in the middle.. The lock of went really well. The big problem was the walk to the altar. The start was oki but in the middle of the walk I saw that the rigg was moving left to wright. And since I had to to frame the couple 60 m infront of me it became really hard to keep the rigg still. It felt like the cross in the frame was all over the. What should I look att in my monitor. The cross or the horizont.?? I tested different options. - Like letting the tension of the arm - Making the rigg moore bottom heavy But with the same result.. I have a pain about 10 cm under my hip bone. Like I puted to much tension on that side. Does It have to do with my walk maybe.? I dont walk totally straight ahead. Moore the opposite way. I now I have a lot of question. Hope you can reply a few. Greeting from a newbee.
  11. Hello everybody. I would like to now the different carrying weights beetween this arms. The highest and lowest weight of the: - Pro Arm - 3 A arm - G-50 arm - Master arm And also the different beetwen the - Silver Spring - Gold spring ..and of course the the carrying weight of them to. Greetings
  12. Hello Sebastian Nice of you to reply on my questions. Fortunetly I did the job earlyer and everything went just great. But now am totally aware of what the F bracket does. Thanx everyone else Actually I did try the F bracket from the EFP. But it wasent the same size. But I told the rentalhouse about the bracket and they have orded it for me to the next time. Really nice of them. Sheers. Am just a happy camper right now
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