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  1. Definitely interested in the Titan Arm. Would you sell arm only?
  2. Looking for a CamJam Quattro Mount - Fitted for a 1.75" M2 Post & 703 (although I already own the yoke). I completely spaced and forgot to buy during their Black Friday sale. If you are selling USED, please get in touch!
  3. Hi everyone, I am selling my trusty Archer 2 sled and G-50x arm. Located in Brooklyn -- 11218. Can ship at buyer's expense. Asking: $27,000 - Sled & Arm $20,000 - SLED ONLY * Would prefer to sell together. Archer 2 Tilt-Head Gold-Mount Sled Volt Gimbal & Control Box Volt Archer Padded Dock Original Archer 2 Gimbal & (x2) Docks 7" LCD Monitor - Steadicam brand Custom 3rd Battery Plate w/ built-in mount for Recorder (x2) Medium Tiffen Dovetail Plates Zalex Longplate-M Cinematic Precision Alexa Mini LF Archer2 Plate Custom SOS Plate Thermodyne Steadicam Case - sled & arm fit in with vest on top G-50x Arm ( ** this version separates in the middle ** ) Tiffen Arm Bag Short & Long Post J-Bracket Return Monitor Kit Various Camera Power Cables: Alexa Mini LF (24V), Alexa Mini (12V), Alexa Classic (12/24V), Red Epic, Red One, Sony Venice (4pin XLR) MDR-2 & MDR-3 Power Teradek Power Monitor Power Cable Hirose P-tap Power 3pin Lemo Breakout Box Contact me @ masur.megan@gmail.com IMG_1564.HEIC IMG_1556.HEIC IMG_1557.HEIC IMG_1558.HEIC IMG_1559.HEIC IMG_1560.HEIC IMG_1561.HEIC IMG_1563.HEIC IMG_1565.HEIC IMG_1566.HEIC IMG_1567.HEIC IMG_1568.HEIC IMG_1570.HEIC IMG_1571.HEIC IMG_1572.HEIC IMG_1573.HEIC IMG_1575.HEIC IMG_1577.HEIC IMG_1578.HEIC IMG_1579.HEIC IMG_1581.HEIC IMG_1582.HEIC
  4. I am selling a similar Archer 2 w/ Volt (gold-mount) if anyone is interested. Haven't had a chance to take pictures yet but will this week. Email me -- masur.megan@gmail.com
  5. I'm selling an Archer2 w/ Volt and possibly G-50x arm. Brooklyn-based. masur.megan@gmail.com
  6. I've upgraded to a Pelican Air so selling my original Steadicam case. This is the one that fits the sled & arm underneath & vest up top. Perfect for travel to keep everything together. Condition is definitely used // well-loved. There is one latch that is broken (see picture) - bottom side, closest to the wheels. I never bothered to replace but you could order one from Tiffen easily. $250 or Best Offer. Dimensions: OUTSIDE: 30" L x 19" W x 22" H INSIDE: Sled compartment 24.5" L (happy to measure other parts of the interior foam) Pick-up in BK (could possibly drop-off) or buyer pays shipping.
  7. I lost my Weight Cage screws. Anyone have a spare set or know the specific screws that hold the thing together so I can grab some from Home Depot?
  8. What is your full email? jondherron@verizon.com? That doesn’t work Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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