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  1. Looking for a CamJam Quattro Mount - Fitted for a 1.75" M2 Post & 703 (although I already own the yoke). I completely spaced and forgot to buy during their Black Friday sale. If you are selling USED, please get in touch!
  2. Hi everyone, I am selling my trusty Archer 2 sled and G-50x arm. Located in Brooklyn -- 11218. Can ship at buyer's expense. Asking: $27,000 - Sled & Arm $20,000 - SLED ONLY * Would prefer to sell together. Archer 2 Tilt-Head Gold-Mount Sled Volt Gimbal & Control Box Volt Archer Padded Dock Original Archer 2 Gimbal & (x2) Docks 7" LCD Monitor - Steadicam brand Custom 3rd Battery Plate w/ built-in mount for Recorder (x2) Medium Tiffen Dovetail Plates Zalex Longplate-M Cinematic Precision Alexa Mini LF Archer2 Plate Custom SOS Plate Thermodyne Steadicam Case - sled & arm fit in with vest on top G-50x Arm ( ** this version separates in the middle ** ) Tiffen Arm Bag Short & Long Post J-Bracket Return Monitor Kit Various Camera Power Cables: Alexa Mini LF (24V), Alexa Mini (12V), Alexa Classic (12/24V), Red Epic, Red One, Sony Venice (4pin XLR) MDR-2 & MDR-3 Power Teradek Power Monitor Power Cable Hirose P-tap Power 3pin Lemo Breakout Box Contact me @ masur.megan@gmail.com IMG_1564.HEIC IMG_1556.HEIC IMG_1557.HEIC IMG_1558.HEIC IMG_1559.HEIC IMG_1560.HEIC IMG_1561.HEIC IMG_1563.HEIC IMG_1565.HEIC IMG_1566.HEIC IMG_1567.HEIC IMG_1568.HEIC IMG_1570.HEIC IMG_1571.HEIC IMG_1572.HEIC IMG_1573.HEIC IMG_1575.HEIC IMG_1577.HEIC IMG_1578.HEIC IMG_1579.HEIC IMG_1581.HEIC IMG_1582.HEIC
  3. I am selling a similar Archer 2 w/ Volt (gold-mount) if anyone is interested. Haven't had a chance to take pictures yet but will this week. Email me -- masur.megan@gmail.com
  4. I'm selling an Archer2 w/ Volt and possibly G-50x arm. Brooklyn-based. masur.megan@gmail.com
  5. I've upgraded to a Pelican Air so selling my original Steadicam case. This is the one that fits the sled & arm underneath & vest up top. Perfect for travel to keep everything together. Condition is definitely used // well-loved. There is one latch that is broken (see picture) - bottom side, closest to the wheels. I never bothered to replace but you could order one from Tiffen easily. $250 or Best Offer. Dimensions: OUTSIDE: 30" L x 19" W x 22" H INSIDE: Sled compartment 24.5" L (happy to measure other parts of the interior foam) Pick-up in BK (could possibly drop-off) or buyer pays shipping.
  6. Interested. Where is it located? And what’s your email?
  7. I lost my Weight Cage screws. Anyone have a spare set or know the specific screws that hold the thing together so I can grab some from Home Depot?
  8. What is your full email? jondherron@verizon.com? That doesn’t work Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Interested and in NYC! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Tried emailing, got an error saying your inbox is full
  11. Interested. What is your email? masur.megan@gmail.com
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