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  1. Jacob Thomas

    Buying a Actioncam Raptor in 2019?

    Sorry to jump in on your conversation Ryan but I am a Raptor Pro owner and it's been fantastic. I think if you can get a good price then you're probably getting a great bang for your $ since the company did go out of business. It's been a while since I used a Zephyr (rented) but I'd say you get a beefier setup with a Raptor. As far as gimbal mine is going strong and it's been about 4 years I think. My issue is now I want to fly heavier setups and I didn't get the HEAVY DUTY SPRINGS before they went out of business so if anyone has any HEAVY DUTY ACTIONCAM RAPTOR SPRINGS I would absolutely LOVE to buy them from you. Even without them I can fly a decently rigged Venice and anything smaller is total cake. Thanks and good luck!
  2. I need heavy duty springs for my ActionCam Raptor Pro Arm. If you have them I will pay you well. Thanks!
  3. I need a beefier arm for a shoot on 1/8 in Boston so am trying to find one to find a G-50 or G-50x arm to rent (or buy?) for pickup 1/7 and return night of 1/8. Thanks!