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  1. sorry only just seen your question, this handset requires the camin brain. C motion do do an upgrade for the handset to make it compatible with the mini last I heard. Cut/run 3pin rs of course works with all arris.
  2. ASKING £800 ono 5.6" TV Logic Kit 1 x Peli Case 1400 1 x 5.6" TV Logic Manual 1 x 5.6" TV Logic Monitor + Screen Protector 1 x Medium Noga Arm + 3/8 Step Thread 2 x DTap to Mini XLR 1 x 2pinRS to Mini XLR 1 x 4 pin XLR to Mini XLR 2 x BNC (60cm ish) 1 x Mains Power + Kettle Lead 1 x basic vlock plate, Dtap small scratch on screen protector and one of the corners chipped. (ACTUAL screen is perfect) UK (London/Portsmouth)
  3. Price drop - £680 ono used once to test been kept in storage ever since.
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