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  1. I went through the same thoughts before going to my steadicam class as i hadn't done ANYthing with a steadicam before. Honestly the classes are extremely useful if you are thinking about getting in to it as you can try the big rigs out and get a feel for them. Don't worry about the nerves they will disappear within minutes. go enjoy it!
  2. Thanks for the reply Jake. I'm just going to get a rig and practise. I really enjoyed the workshop and really felt comfortable with a rig on. The only thing that was holding me back was the time i had flying... i just wanted to have a rig on all day! Simon
  3. I am also in the same situation. I have money for a rig and have gone to a workshop but making the jump seems a bit risky. I want to get a decent rig and just fly it everyday with my DSLR... how do i know I'm good enough? I must have ready the steadicam ( i spelt it with the I don't worry) operators manual about 10 times now. Any tips or the 'do's and font's' from peoples experience? Thanks guys, Simon
  4. I think the best possible answer would be that if you drink a lot of coffee throughout the day this could have an affect. Do you drink a lot of water? Steadicam takes a lot of energy and when you are concentrating on a shit you can sometimes forget how much you are lifting...so when you are calm your body plays catch up. Trying drinking more water and reduce caffeine. Let me know how this works?
  5. Best thing to do is use a mac or excel template. Always keep a good account of all payments and store them in year by year folders. But download a decent template from somewhere and this can make you look a lot more professional. a badly made invoice shows that you are not very organised.
  6. they still held over $3000 for a long time... surely they made a interest charge on that. depends on how fussy you want to be but this mega breaches trading standards.
  7. Im really thinking of going for this to start practising on. Just done my steadicam workshop on a 3 day course and completely have the bug to get out and fly. Luckily i do own a camera so i can use a weight plate to get going... Everyone seems to be saying there are a reasonably good piece of kit.... id love to get a real steadicam but i just cannot afford it right away. Would anyone know if there is a major difference in the feel between a glide cam and its equivalent in steadicam? i don't wanna practise on this then find out the steadicams are a lot different to use. Thanks so much for your replays i really do appreciate everyones input
  8. I was at a workshop and saw someone with a vest made by Walter Klassen... tried it out and it felt quite nice. Anyone had any floors with it? not a bad price too
  9. Thank you so much! you could almost start up your own reviews website haha! perfect! Well once i have attend the Tiffen course i shall look into the V25 a little more and then decide once i have had ago on the top end steadicams. thanks for your input, this really did help and excuse my lack of knowledge thinking a flyer would take an Alexa. Simon
  10. You can get a weight plate to attach your 7D to. If you contact some steel manufactures they will be able to make you one a lot cheaper than buying it from a proper camera shop and that if you can find a decent one!
  11. Hi Kevin, Thanks for you reply. I have about £3/4K and I'm looking to go second hand for my first rig just to give me enough to start moving and then invest more later once i get into the swing it all. I have had a look at Steadicam models and have seen a Flyer LE for sale for a good price and would be able to fly a Arri Alexa but its right on the edge of its weight capacity and i don't want to be stretching springs or causing any damage to my back if the vest isn't designed to hold 7kg.
  12. I'm new to the steadicam world and have connections with a friend who's big in the music video sector. I am going to a few steadicam classes with Tiffen to start learning how to operate. Im just thinking ahead a little as i want to plan my money!! Is the Glidecam brand another hyped up internet lie or are they actually worth considering as a working tool? Any help would be of much help! Simon
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