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  1. That was $130 each. couldn't edit the post.
  2. Selling off 5 recelled Hytron 140s. recelled by Ritter Battery. One older Hytron 120 was recelled as a 140. Asking $165 ea. OBO, shipping included to continental USA. Please contact me direct at: karlkimdp@gmail.com
  3. Selling a used Arri LMB-5 4x5.65 lightweight matte box. Comes with two (2x) 4x5.65" trays, 110mm and 114mm clamp on mounts. Sorry no top flag or hard mattes. There is one chip in the plastic side mount. However this does not impact performance for function (no light leaks, not a stressed point, etc.) Asking SOLD- shipping included to lower 48. Please email me direct at : karlkimdp@gmail.com
  4. Bartech BFD with Heden M28VP motor. For 19mm and 15mm rod setups. The BFD is in near new condition. The Heden motor is a little older. Kit contains: -Bartech BFD -Analog receiver -Heden M28VP with three collets -0.8 gear, large and small -0.6 gear -0.5 gear -0.4 gear, large and small -2x drive shafts for Heden -2x BFD receiver to D-tap power cables -1x BFD receiver to 4 pin XLR power cable -1x BFD receiver to 2 pin Lemo power cable (short) -1x BFD receiver to Steadicam 3 pin Lemo power cable 1x BFD receiver to RED camera run/stop Asking $3200 shipped in lower 48 states. Please contact me direct: karlkimdp@gmail.com
  5. Oh, and I made cart stops for myself for carts without brakes yet. These I can make and ship around the country if interested- ad is in the marketplace. Aluminum, fully welded, light, can work with various wheel sizes. 10" no flat tire is shown. 3/4" hole to attach a lanyard. Beats lugging around a sandbag. But you may have to occasionally bend down still...
  6. I made myself a handful, then made a few extra with the left over material. Aluminum cart stops, fully welded. Sized for 10" no flat tires- works with smaller wheels too. 3/4" hole to attach a carabiner or thread some sash through. Hi-grip sandblasted finish. $75 shipped USPS Priority in USA. contact me direct at: karlkimdp@gmail.com
  7. For a steadi cart Axel's solution looks great, and a simple angle iron (aluminum) stop looks super effective. I'm the guy who's been pimping my Rubbermaids in NYC and this is a braking solution I've settled on- for now. A simple toggle clamp (800 lb pictured) solves my problems and gives me a "hand" brake option. I used to own/ operate a 6 ton truck package and over the years I ended up fabricating my carts because bringing carts from LA to NYC is expensive, unless you do a truckload at a time. Rubbermaids did double duty- camera and g&e cart, so I had to beef them up. I also got tired of filling flats so I went with, and continue on with no flat tires. With no flats however, you can't use the simple friction brake on 10" casters. Those bent metal parts bend far too easily. You need force, so I went with a simple lever system. I"m also always truck or van based so I don't need a knock down cart. I did have a Magliner for a few years, and it was handy, but I ended up selling it because it wasn't as fast to use as the Rubbermaids. When I fly I don't even think about bringing a cart along- production has to work that out. So this is my current Rube Goldberg approach to cart brakes. For me it works, it's relatively cheap, and most importantly, I don't have to bend down...
  8. Looking for a functioning SK1 arm for parts. Thanks. karlkimdp@gmail.com
  9. Up for sale is a very inexpensive starter rig. The Steadicam SK2. Excellent condition. It has a few cosmetic scratches from the previous owner, otherwise it looks barely used. Asking $1700 obo. This is a single spring arm rig, 19 lbs capacity. In a pinch I did use it to fly a C500 with two Anton Bauer batteries, Odyssey 7Q recorder, Bartech and Parallinx. I was going to remove the old green screen monitor, but a quick test proved it to be easier to view in daylight than an Odyssey 7Q. I epoxied/screwed a simple ball arm to hold a second, HD monitor. The greenscreen works well-the still camera caught the screen in mid-refresh. AB Gold mount. Located in the NYC metro area. karlkimdp@gmail.com
  10. Selling a 44" long shelf Rubbermaid cart. Been using this as a camera cart- with the following mods; -fully welded steel frame with welded vertical supports. -foot brake that works - trimmed lip on bottom shelf to ease loading of Pelican cases. - Marathon no flat tires. Older flat shelf design, with built in cup holder. asking $450 obo. Also have the newer RM camera carts for sale. karl karlkimdp@gmail.com
  11. Selling my Camwave. IDX installed AB Gold mounts on both TX and RX. I have 1 set of the original Vmounts included with sale. Asking $1850 obo. Purchased new, not a rental. karlkimdp@gmail.com
  12. If anyone is interested I just made myself a couple of additional camera carts. Previously I made myself a steadi-Rubbermaid cart and could do an "improved" steadi version on request. I'm always working out of a van, a Sprinter or a box truck so the non collapsible nature of Rubbermaids was never an issue. What originally got me going on these was the fact that they are light, affordable and readily available on the East Coast. I also really like the cupholder on the older carts. But they needed improvements for production work. The main feature of course is the fully welded subframe which facilitates the foot brake. I also use "no-flat" tires as I got tired of pumping up flats. The large tires roll over grass, gravel, and cobblestone streets with ease. I welded vertical supports to my older Rubbermaid camera carts out of necessity. When you start loading these up the upper tray does get wobbly. All you West Coast guys have multiple vendors to choose from, but the shipping of carts to the East was always a deal breaker for me. I thought I'd try selling these carts for $795 (short deck) and $895 (long deck) and offer free curbside delivery to buyers in the metro New York City area. One of these days I'll build a website for gear (www.klkproductions.net) but for now you can contact me direct: karlkimdp@gmail.com 732-673-7480 may consider renting these too- $100/wk.
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