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  1. Selling my padded docking bracket as I only use my Hill bracket and have never used this one. Brand New - Includes 5/8" and 3/4" balancing studs. Located in NYC, happy to ship. $800 OBO - WestoverSteadicam@gmail.com
  2. Selling my pro gimbal (including gimbal tool) since it hasn't got a lot of use as of the past year - good condition just has some cosmetic scratches here and there, has always been great for me. May need a slight re-centering which can be done per Jack's (from GPI pro) instructions I just haven't had time to do it but happy to forward those along. Also cleaned the pan bearing not too long ago, still has the nice Pro one (purchased a separate one for my volt so I could keep the good one in this as well). Any questions feel free to ask. WestoverSteadicam@gmail.com Asking $3700 OBO
  3. Looking for a used Exo Vest in good condition. Please email me if you are looking to sell - westoversteadicam@gmail.com
  4. Selling my KS-4 Gyro, great condition purchased late 2018 - was rebuilt right before covid and works perfectly, have not used since the rebuild as I have not needed to. Kit Includes 1x KS4 Gyro 1x 14v Inverter 1x Coiled Gyro Power Cable 1x P-Tap Power Cable for inverter 1x AB Plate for Mounting Gyro in both sideways or straight (see pics for further details on cables) $1800 OBO Located in NYC if you wish to pick-up, I can also ship. Email me at WestoverSteadicam@gmail.com if interested.
  5. In good condition, also including a Black Magic Video Assist Mounting Bracket for the MDR Mount. If you have any questions feel free to reach out. WestoverSteadicam@gmail.com. Located in New York. Asking $2,200 OBO
  6. Ahhh got it, sounds very obvious now, after those 2 wrong spacers I was thinking there would be more contact between the two. Appreciate the response, thanks.
  7. Have you tried switching back to the standard monitor yoke? Not knocking the Skymagic monitor yoke (it makes things much more convenient) but when I use to own it and use it on the zephyr I had to swap back to the regular one for a few shoots as it seems to vibrate somewhat easily.
  8. Selling 2 Brand New GPI PRO Black Canisters, Asking $3,100, OBO. Available for Pickup in New York, Manhattan or Brooklyn. Happy to provide pictures if requested. Email me for details WestoverSteadicam@gmail.com
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