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  1. Tim Westover

    Betz top stage mounting trouble

    Ahhh got it, sounds very obvious now, after those 2 wrong spacers I was thinking there would be more contact between the two. Appreciate the response, thanks.
  2. Dropping these to $2800 OBO.
  3. Tim Westover

    Getting Steadicam Zephyr Serviced

    Have you tried switching back to the standard monitor yoke? Not knocking the Skymagic monitor yoke (it makes things much more convenient) but when I use to own it and use it on the zephyr I had to swap back to the regular one for a few shoots as it seems to vibrate somewhat easily.
  4. Selling 2 Brand New GPI PRO Black Canisters, Asking $3,100, OBO. Available for Pickup in New York, Manhattan or Brooklyn. Happy to provide pictures if requested. Email me for details WestoverSteadicam@gmail.com
  5. Tim Westover

    What Camera for your Practice Cage?

    Given it being a camera for practice cage, a cheap camera - sub $500 was what I was looking for. I'm good now, I've been using a gh5 for that amongst other things. Thank you all for the suggestions. I agree Jerry that the zoom function is pretty clutch to have as well.
  6. Hey all, I have what is similar to the blue mitchell portion of this piece, https://cdn.cvp.com/images/products/altimage/16%2007%2020121342446524800-7900.jpg . I now need to get a pro socket block to attach to it, does anyone know where you can find these / is it best to get it straight from Pro? Thanks!
  7. Tim Westover

    KS-4 Gyro

    Looking for a KS-4 kit, with inverter, and mounting ring.
  8. Tim Westover

    Zephyr Vest

    Looking to purchase a zephyr vest for a friend if anyone has one. Thanks.
  9. Tim Westover

    Vest for Shorter Person

    Cool thanks for the fast response Chris, do you think there will be any problem with the weight of a bigger rig on the zephyr vest? I use to have one when I took the workshop but I can't remember if the piece holding the socket block is metal or plastic. Figure we'll have to get a pro socket block to put on the vest. I'm actually not sure if I can find a zephyr vest anymore either do you know if Tiffen is still selling them / are the Aero 30 vest the same ones?
  10. Tim Westover

    Vest for Shorter Person

    Hey all, I have a friend whom is a girl and is on the smaller side - around 5'2". She is looking to buy a vest to use to practice/use with my pro rig. She's trying to keep this affordable, so I wanted to know if anyone has used the compact flyer vest (http://www.tiffen.com/displayproduct.html?tablename=steadicam&itemnum=803-7800-01) with a larger rig like a pro cinelive OR has a smaller vest they are looking to sell. Thanks.
  11. Hey all just wondering what you guys have been using for a Practice Cam to use on a weight cage. I've had a cheap camcorder for a year or so that I use with my weight cage but it's pretty terrible and has some weird stabilization compensation that makes the image go out of wack sometimes. Looking to get a better "cheap" camcorder or camera that has some zoom functionality to simulate different focal lengths. I have a small mirror less camera but I'd like something to keep permanently on the weight cage, It's also limited to the 2 primes I have so something with zoom would be great. Thanks.