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  1. MYT Medium - 4' Slider - 1400$ USD https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1156483-REG/myt_works_1030_myt_glide_medium_camera.html Comes with a pelican case and 100mm ball mount for the bottom. Located in Vancouver(buyer pays shipping) thanks -Alex
  2. 2,000 USD 4 x 260WH Gold mount Dynacore Batteries and a 4 bank charger. This was all bought in 2018. They were never put in a rental house so the cycles are low for their age. They were always stored with a full charge so they're quite healthy. These batteries last forever and I love them. I actually have 9 of them, so I'm keeping 5. I got a smaller camera recently so I don't need all the power. These work well on lights too, if need be. I'm located in Vancouver. If you're in the area I can drop off, otherwise buyer pays for shipping.
  3. This camera Package has more then enough accessories to get you up and running. I can also throw in some gold mount batteries for an extra 1600USD$ The body has the Highspeed and Ana de- squeeze licenses. It has a 16:9 sensor with 6600h Price is 7500$USD(9845$CAD) Camera is located in Vancouver Canada. Here's a gear list. 1 ARRI ALEXA CLASSIC EV CAMERA BODY 1 ARRI EVF-1 1 ARRI VIEWFINDER MOUNTING BRACKET VMB-3 1 ARRI LONGEYE EXTENSION 1 ARRI VIEWFINDER CABLE SHORT (0,35m/1.2ft) KC 150-S 1 ARRI VIEWFINDER CABLE LONG 2 SXS MEDIA CARD 64GB 4 SXS MEDIA CARD 32GB 1 SXS CARD READER + THUNDERBOLT CABLE 1 ARRI BRIDGEPLATE BP9 1 ARRI SLIDING BASE PLATE (DOVETAIL) with quickplate 6 15MM RODS 1 ARRI CENTER CAMERA HANDLE (CCH-1) 1 ARRI HANDLE EXTENSION BLOCK (HEB-2) 1 ARRI TOP PLATE 1 ARRI ANVIL CASE 2 10 ' 24V POWER CABLE 1 4 PIN XLR EXTENSION 15' 2 RUBBER EYE CUPS 1 5PIN TO 3PIN XLR AUDIO ADAPTER 1 LEITAX EF MOUNT 1 BATTERY PLATE for Gold Mount (BAB-G) with D-Tap 1 BATTERY PLATE for V Mount with D-Tap 1 3RD PARTY SHOULDER PAD Optional(+1600USD$): 4 DYNACORE 260WH GOLD MOUNT BATTERIES WITH CHARGER IMG_3099.jp2 IMG_3100.jp2 IMG_3102.jp2 IMG_3103.jp2 IMG_3104.jp2 IMG_3105.jp2 IMG_3106.jp2 IMG_3107.jp2 IMG_3112.jp2 IMG_3113.jp2 IMG_3114.jp2 IMG_3115.jp2
  4. Analogue Bartech M-one motor plus back up Asking 3000$ USD Summer of 2015, I serviced everything, the handset, the receiver and both motors. It's a single channel system and it comes with a back up motor. ... I probably used it 5 times since then. This is why I'm selling it. Buyer pays for shipping. 1x Bartech handset + 1 antenna SN: T1.0396 1x analogue receiver + 2 antennas SN: 09319 1x m-one motor + 19mm bracket, gears:.8,.4 pitch SN: M-1.0524 1x FMG motor + 2 short 19mm brackets, gears: .8,.5,.4 pitch SN: 09319 1x red 19mm-15mm collar 3x 19mm brackets 1 x short rods 4x motor cables 1x Alexa 2 pin Lemo power cable 1x Dtap power cable 1x 4 pin Hirose cable 1 x panavision power 12v 1 x panavision power 24 1x Alexa start/stop cable 1x Res start/stop cable 1x 50' remote cable 1x handset ring 4x focus strip 3x net bags 1x spare hand set screw 1 x Hardcase Located in Vancouver, Canada
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