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  1. Hello everyone,


    i got some problems with my Genio. It was so far a one Channel Genio and now i bought the 2nd handwheel and the Pantali to use it as two Channel Follow Focus with two Lens Motors, but it will not work. The Handwheel / Controller has Power and the LEDs are on when i switch the SetUp Button.

    The Lens Motor on the 2nd Channel does not react. But i can adjust him.

    Are they any switches to set...to use the Genio as 2 Channel Controller or what i am doning wrong???

    Please help.

  2. Hi,

    i'm looking searching a 2nd handcontroller for my Chrosziel Genio.

    This Controller makes the 2nd channel working on my Genio to control and remote also the iris motor.

    My Genio Receiver is a 3 channel receiver.

    At the moment my Genio is still a single channel follow focus. So far i can still remote just one channel - the focus.

    Does anybody have such a controller.




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