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  1. Hello I'm in Raleigh NC. I can ship it to you in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. My number is 919 245 7010 call or text. Thanks
  2. I just got my Working Green Screen Monitor out of Storage. I'm asking $175 plus shipping. Contact me here or my email at vinylcut@hotmail.com
  3. I'm dropping the price on this monitor to $75 Anyone need one of these monitors for parts ?
  4. I've been busy cleaning out my storage unit and have some items to offer for sale. Arriflex-Cinegon Schneider-Kreuznach 16mm 1.4 Lens - $150The last time I checked this lens needed to have the focusing adjusted but over all it looks good. Arri Wide Angle Eyepiece - $100It has some haze on one of the internal elements and it needs to be re-polished. I think it's worth it to have it re-furbished and I'm selling it for less than I paid for it. Spectra Combi 500 Light Meter - $75This is a Great Light Meter. I love using it. Works well and has all the stuff that goes with it. Lee Utterbach Offset 15mm Rod Adapter - $200Very well made Offset 15mm Rod Adapter with Horizontal and Vertical Ajustments. 100mm Rod Spacing. I'll make a package deal for 2 or more items. Paypal fees and shipping are additional.
  5. I have a 3A Green Screen Monitor here for sale. As far as I can tell it is not working so I'm offering it for parts or repair. If you have one of these monitors I'm sure you will find some useful parts on it. I'm asking $100 plus shipping.
  6. This is a very nice Super 8 Sound Recorder II in Excellent Condition. It is designed as a field recorder but is useful for its unique ability to sync it's playback to many sources including 1/f pulse per gram found on super 8 cameras. This feature allows it to sync playback to any non crystal camera great for miidic video production. I am the original owner and have kept it excellent condition. Comes with accessories and leather case. Asking $475 plus shipping
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