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  1. UPDATED Garrett is coming!!!! Our Steadicam Gold Workshop in Japan will be held in October. Garrett Brown, Jerry Holway, Chris Fawcett, Rebecca Rebecca Wilson-Jennings, Robin Thwaites, and Dan Ikeda are waiting you! See details below. http://www.steadicam.jp/news/2791.html
  2. Dear folks, We will be place the Steadicam Gold Workshop in Japan. And still have some slot! Date will be 8th to 13th October. Instructors are... Jerry Holway Chris Fawcett Rebecca Wilson-Jennings Robin Thwaites Dan Ikeda This workshop is organize by Ginichi Corporation, Japanese distributor for Tiffen/Steadicam. Please see full detail from below link and if you have any question please send me e-mail.(to:kashiwabara@ginichi.com) http://www.steadicam.jp/news/2791.html Thanks.
  3. Don't have built in horizon but you can flip the image.
  4. Dear Matuas, Here is located in Osaka and they have F55. http://ings-jbs.jp/ Almost all Japanese are not good at English as me, So please contact by email below. http://ings-jbs.jp/contact Inquiry form should fill some blanks, From the top [Company name] [Your name (must)] [e-mail address(must)] [Tel. number(must)] [Postal code(must)] [Address(must)] [Address 2] and [inquiry detail] I told them to It may Argentine guy ask about rent a F55. If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask. Kaz.
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