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  1. Looking for a 2" Hill Docking Ring for a 1 5" Post. Would like to buy or exchange, can offee a 2" Hill Docking Ring for a 2" Post. Thanks for looking email please: yeahjens@aol.com
  2. Hi Jens

    I do have one you may like .What are you upgrading from ?This post is brand new .As for the mounting end (of the post) I can supply PRO 1,2. EFP and Mkv .

    Talk soon 

    Louis Puli 



    Post Short.jpg

    Post Long.jpg

    1. JensSchroeder


      Hi Louis,

      Thanks for your reply.
      I want to set up my new sled and do have the Pro CineLive electronics and the inner and outer post bayonet receiver. Actually I found out that my older style Pro post not really fits so I think, I need a newer style post.
      Do you think, the bayonet receiver fit in your post? And is the post clamp totally from the outside or is there a screw end inside the post like it is with my older Pro post which kind of blocks the post cable?
      And if everything would be suitable, do you have a price in mind?
      Thanks again and talk later, cheers,
    2. Louis Puli SOC

      Louis Puli SOC

      Hi Jens 

      I am sorry I have just sold out of these posts but I am going to do another run ok. 

      When I get the next run I will let you know .

      All the best 

      Louis Puli 

    3. JensSchroeder


      Thanks Louis,


      I need to set up the sled until September so that I have to order a post from Pro.

      Best wishes,



  3. I'm looking to buy a new style, telescoping Pro Centerpost. email: yeahjens@aol.com
  4. I'm looking for a Pro SD upper and lower junction box. Please email to: yeahjens@aol.com
  5. Hi, I'm looking for an M1 Sled with Volt Gimbal, so if anyone wants to upgrade to M2 etc., send me a message. Can have marks of usage as long as it all works. Cheers, jens
  6. Sale pending of Pro1 Sled, Master Arm, Baer-Bel Vest
  7. Two Big Rigs for sale; First Rig is a HD Baer-Bel Sled with Baer-Bel-Vest + 3A Arm (Gold Springs) and BFD-Follow Focus for 9500US$ o.b.r.o. Second Rigs is a Pro1 HD Sled with Glidecam Gold Vest + Master Arm and Digital 3-channel Chrosziel Aladin Follow Focus 11500US$ o.b.r.o. More pics and info on request, cheers. My email: yeahjens@aol.com Bearbeiten
  8. Hi Thomas, I might have something for you. It's a Pro1 sled, just HD upgraded by Terry West. My email is: yeahjens@aol.com Just send me a mail, if you want some photos. Greetings from Germany, jens
  9. Sale of Vest + Titan Arm Pending. Thanks for all inquiries.
  10. I'm looking for a long Pro Gimbal Handle. Thx.
  11. Selling my complete backup rig from GPI Pro with Chrosziel Aladin Digital 3-channel Follow Focus. Everything in used but 100% good working condition. HD Sled (upgraded last year by Terry West) with Pro2 Topstage, Post and Gimbal (complete new bearings last year from Pro), custom-made Battery Terminal with PAG-mount + A/B adapter Plates, Transvideo Cine HD 6“ Monitor in brandnew condition 8 PAG batteries (3 good, 5 - 50%), 2 PAG charger Pro Vest (I’m 5.9“/195lb), Vest has been upgraded with Fidlock magnetic buckles, right shoulder strap professionally repaired. GPI Pro Titan Arm (4 canister 2blue/2black) If you buy the complete equipment, you get cables, 1 dovetail plate and Kata Softcase Trolley for free. The more you buy the less you pay: A: Complete Equipment = – 15% = 28.000,- USD B: 3 items = - 10% C: 2 items = - 7% Single Item Price: GPI Pro Vest with magnetic Vidlock-buckle upgrade 3800,- o.b.o GPI Pro Titan Arm (4 canister 2blue/2black) 14.500,- o.b.o. GPI Pro1/Pro2 Sled with batteries + charger + Transvideo Cine 6“ Monitor 12.200,- o.b.o. Chrosziel Aladin Digital 3-channel Follow Focus with Heden M26VE Digital Motor + 4 batteries + 2 Motor Cable + Power Cable + Charger + 5 Focus Rings 2800,- o.b.o. Additional Accessories: Jerry Hill Docking Bracket, Pro Dovetail Plate, various cables, Kata Softcase Trolley Everything + shipping costs or local pick up (delivery in Europe might be possible)
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