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  1. Hi all, I'm selling off my Cmotion FIZ. It appears to have a fault somewhere as connection between the handsets and the Camin can be unreliable so I officially selling it for spares or repairs. I bought this ex rental and have used it as a B system for the past few years. I figured it's probably too old to service but I'm sure it will have value to someone. I've just been testing it and it is working perfectly, but I have had issues on set so tend to just use another system and this is sitting on the shelf. Some of the spares are pretty valuable: 2x Cmotion FIZ Coperate Handsets 1x Cmotion Camin FIZ Interface with antenna 3x Heden M26VE motors (These alone at £1,750+VAT each new) 3x Motor Cables 1x D-Tap Power Cable 10x Focus Marker Rings 1x Cmotion Czoom wired Controller (Like a Microforce) This appears to work fine! 1x Long and 1x short Czoom control cable 1x Czoom bracket Charger 3x Batteries BUT these are old and need replacing Quality Custom Flightcase The motors and Czoom alone have significant value so I'd like to get £1,990+VAT. Given the weight I'd prefer a UK buyer who can collect in person. Thanks! Mike mike@mikemarriage.com +44(0)7773 179773
  2. I know this forum isn't gimbal focused but does anyone have opinions on the best brushless gimbals nowadays? I'm looking to replace my Ronin-M and need to fly an A7Siii. I trust the opinions that I'll get here more than most other forums. Thanks!
  3. I may also be interested in the batteries if Jess hasn't bought them all. What models are they?
  4. Are they Li-ion? If so, batteries should generally be stored at 40% charge to minimise degradation. Storing them fully charged or discharged degrades the cells faster. Keep them cool and out of the Sun.
  5. Hi all, I have an older 3 channel Cmotion FIZ (Coperate) and yesterday it was very laggy on set and had very limited range - literally about 10 feet. The green RF light remained on but the motors didn't respond beyond this distance. We tried multiple channels and it made no difference. We switched to my Bartech back up as there was limited time and that worked perfectly...as ever! Any ideas on what could be causing the issue? If not, I may upgrade to a new system, possibly a 2 ch digital Bartech.
  6. I have the Pix E7 and think it's fantastic as an onboard monitor and recorder. The focus peaking isn't perfect and can give false positives (as most monitors can) so I tend to favour the touch screen zoom function. The built quality is excellent and the menus and interface are far better than any other onboard monitor IMO. I have used it on Steadi a few times, and it is a nice size and weight (the 7" not the 5") but it has only been for interiors. It would probably struggle in bright sunlight, but I can't speak from experience on that. Definitely try before you buy to see if you can rely on it for focus. For me, full HD doesn't mean much on a small 7" or 5" monitor as they are simply too small to see it.
  7. I can vouch for the 16-42. It was fully stripped and serviced by Optical Support here in the UK just before I sent it to Will. They projected it for me and said it was a very good example. I still own another 16-42 and it is a spectacular lens, especially for Steadicam.
  8. I once owned a V25 when they first came out, which was very similar. It was a pretty decent rig for the money. As mentioned, the monitor arm wasn't the best. The battery hanger isn't perfect, but does allow a lot of flexibility in positioning. This is important when moving through tight spaces, such as the isle of a theatre. It's not a rig that will grow with you, but great for learning and taking on some smaller jobs.
  9. Has anyone used the new fStop 2 Channel Bartech Digital Receiver? If so, Any thoughts? It looks very neat and compact at a tempting price point.
  10. I own the Cabrio 19-90 and absolutely love it. Great on Steadi or as a general workhorse lens for 90% of shots. I also have the Optimo 16-42 and the tiny (and great value) Tonkina 11-16 for the wider end. I couldn't justify the 14-35 Cabrio as well, but no doubt is a great bit of glass. The 85-300 is okay, but I much prefer the 25-300 for added range. The built in servos are very useful although neither the 85-300 or 25-300 are suitable for Steadicam. The 25-300 is as rare as hens teeth in London.
  11. Hi all, I have a beautiful 3D pair of Angenieux 16-42 Optimo DP Rouges for sale. I'm more than happy to sell off one and keep the other as I love this lens for Steadicam and use it all the time for 2D work. I rent lenses out along with my kit. The 3D pairs are factory matched but optically identical to the standard lenses. If you want the 3D pair, I'll include a custom Peli for free. You're more than welcome to drop in and take a look. I'm just north of London near Stansted Airport. These are £13K/$18K each new. Asking £6,990 ($8,600) per lens. I need to charge UK buyers VAT. PM me or call: +44 (0)7773 179773
  12. Hi all, I found these in a drawer but sold my Steadicam Ultra Cine a few years ago, so I no longer need them. Not sure exactly what other rigs they would fit. One is a 24V Moviecam cable, I'm not sure about the other. It is a 2 pin Fischer so may power the Alexa etc..? Open to offers. Thanks Mike Marriage mmarriage (at) orange (dot) net t: +44 (0)1279 897014 m: +44 (0)7773 179773
  13. Hi all, Just to update: Jim sent through a new RX board and I installed it in a few minutes. Price was very reasonable, and as always, fast helpful service. Thanks Jim! BTW, this was my backup unit.
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