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  1. What is the reason for the Cramped Attic jumper block? I know you said 12v hot swap. But just trying to wrap my head around what that means. Thanks.
  2. Anyone selling Cine Live Pro sled i good condition?
  3. I'm looking for an M-1 docking bracket, for the volted gimbal. Thanks.
  4. And the price difference. Forgot that one.
  5. So I guess the biggest questions are; 1) If the volt electronics in the top stage go down. Do you have to send in the whole top stage, as they are integrated into the top stage. 2) The big question. Can it carry an Alexa 65 or LF?... Or other big cinema cameras. Since the M1 and M2 are the same gimbal.
  6. Questions concerning the Tiffen M2. I will be upgrading to a Tiffen sled latter this year, and have (had) my sights set on an M1. Now here is the M2. The M2 really interests me. I have read all the literature I can find on it which other than the Tiffen page isn’t much. As it is newer. I like the modularity of its design as well, and know it’s less expensive than an M1. I have read a bit on the forum, stating that it doesn’t cary the same payload as the M1. My work tends to be on features with larger builds. Example, I just finished a show with the Arri LF. Where I flew it for several months. So I suppose my question is, can the M2 fly an LF type camera? And if so can it do it comfortably. Or should I just put my thoughts about the M2 aside and stay focused on the M1. Any advice or thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hi Quinn, I just posted my Pro vest for sale here on the forum as well as the FB page, if your still looking.
  8. Selling my GPI Pro Vest. It is in great condition and has served me well.I am 6'2", with a 33"/34" waist. Asking $5,300 OBO. Buyer pays shipping.
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