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  1. Hi Terry that's extraordinarily kind of you to share the process.. its pretty much what I suspected but just needed some input so thanks a million I'm going to look at how confident I'm feeling over the next few days and try to make a start Your figures sound very very reasonable but its just the shipping back and forth that might be awkward for me but I will check those cost out and good to know for others who may consider this modification Thanks again and hope alls good yours Joe
  2. Thank you so much Alejandro, sounds promising .. I'm based in London UK and would consider it if anyone's skilled but was rather hoping to tackle it myself .. thanks for the link though all best joe
  3. Hi all , just checking to see if anyone had any good advise for modifying a Master series sled so as to run HD video down the post I've got the top off the sled at the moment as had to put a new gimbal on so seems like a good time to try to do it Any advise would be great Many thanks Joe McNally
  4. Hi All just checking if anybody able to give me some pointers as to the best way to get HD video down the post on a Master Sled Ive been putting a new gimbal on the sled and as the tops off so thought it would be a good time to attempt it . In my mind Ive a notion of just bypassing the VDA at the bottom of the sled and this might do it ? Any help or advise appreciated All best Joe McNAlly
  5. Looking for Master series gimbal please if anyone has one around Thanks' Joe UK
  6. Hi Scott , just discovered the clasp on my back up master sled gimba; is snapped .. would you give a price please for yours Pm if you like All best joe
  7. Hi Michael, Ive a Master Series kit for sale in intersted it on ebay at the moment ebay no 232585377126
  8. I Know youre looking locally but just letting you know Ive a Master arm and vest and sled available Lets say the arm and vest would be £5,750.00 plus shipping .. Its all in London UK . Shouldnt be any import as its mechanical might be admin fees to consider though .Joe
  9. Hi Gary , thanks for talking through the models the other evening just trying ot make my mind up now All best Joe
  10. Im throwing in a Genio Radio Focus kit with the above rig if close to the asking price Its a great little two channel follow focus but youll need to source your own analogue motors to go with it
  11. Hi Gary , I need a 15/16 inch high bright for my jib wokr . THere seems to be no info re prices and and sales items on Bolands website Joe
  12. Very good used condition please see on Ebay no 232491337498 Thankyou
  13. Very nice Master series sled , arm vest stand and docking bracket and down converter This was a a top end model in its day and has lots good features Not been modified so ready to upgrade in way Ive used it lots as it is Its been a great back up rig but just not using it much now £7500.00 ono Thanks Joe UK 07973 226532
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