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  1. I just wanted to take a moment and make sure that everyone here knows just how wonderful Walter Klassen, and Jennifer Platz are. My very good friend, Andy Casey, died in a Motorcycle accident over 10 years ago. He had purchased a vest from Walter, shortly before the crash. So he was not a long standing client, nor someone who had a great many dealings with Walter or his staff. Well, here we are, all these years later, and we finally got around to selling that vest. Jennifer offered to look it over and refurbish it completely for free to help out Andy's kids with the sale. It's a very nice thing to know that there are still people in this business that do not put the mighty dollar first and foremost. I know that Canadians are nice people, but the folks at WK are a cut above for sure. Lee
  2. I have two of the Heden M26VE motors for sale. Each comes with an 'adapter' to allow it to work with the PAM system. The adapters pop out and allow direct connection to the iris rod if preferred. Looking for $1500 per motor, with the adapter. No cables included but I am willing to cover ground FedEx within the Continental US. IMG_4108.HEIC IMG_4106.HEIC
  3. Brand new, never used Red Rock Commander with 3 motors for sale. Designed for the Move Pro and/or Movi XL. You just need to add a Freefly Mimic to complete it. Paid nearly $5000. IMG_3750.HEIC lee (at) kazista.com
  4. Where are you based? I have a universal (opens on both sides) in Large.
  5. I can send you photos of one that I have. It belonged to a friend that passed away, Tiffen fully rewired it after he died, and it has been in the case ever since. The batteries won't be any good anymore, but the sled itself is quite nice considering the age. Email me and I will send the photos when I get to work on Monday, lee (at) monster-remotes (dot) com
  6. Selling a BRAND NEW, only been out of the box to test Motor. It is a Preston DM2, serial #6348. Lists for $2885, selling $2800 plus shipping. Please email me if you are interested. lee (at) kazista (dot) com
  7. Selling a USED cinetape. Sensor Display Noga Arm Sensor cables x 2 Arri 3 Pin RS x 2 Pelican 1400 case Custom laser cut foam $6000 and its yours. Buyer pays shipping fees. lee (at) kazista (dot) com
  8. Hi Deke, I have a couple brand new DM2 for sale. Let me know if you are still interested. lee (at) kazista (dot) com
  9. HU3, MDR3, both Light Ranger 2 ready and brand new HU3~ 2787 Digital Microforce 2 ~D26212 DM 1X motor ~ 4139 DM2 motor ~ 6522 DM2 motor ~ 6350 MDR3 ~ 1729 Cinetape Interface cable Motor Cables x 3 Arri run stop cable Arri power cable All of the Hardware is BRAND NEW, never used on set before. The Cinetape cable is also brand new, the motor cables and arri cables are used, but in perfect working condition. $32,000 USD lee (at) kazista (dot) com
  10. Tom ~ Please email me at lee (at) kazista (dot) com I have one that belonged to friend, and his kids are selling it. I think it might be the size that you are looking for. It is Stateside at the moment, but we can email photos or send to Walter for confirmation of size if that helps at all. Lee
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