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  1. Craig Phelps

    how to begin

    Exactly what Kevin said. Workshop and lessons first, brand name rig second. :)
  2. Craig Phelps

    First investments

    I'd say grab the vest first; it's the most personal part of the rig. That way you'll have your own whenever you rent, borrow, or steal a rig. ;)
  3. Craig Phelps

    Steadicam Workshops

    I've done both. It's definitely an investment, but also incredibly invaluable. It's a great way to make sure it's for you too, especially before you drop that money on a rig. ;)
  4. Craig Phelps

    Steadicam Workshops

    Greg Smith does excellent one-on-one lessons in LA. www.SteadicamLessons.com The SOA Workshop is an amazing six-day workshop. https://www.steadicam-ops.com/soa_registration/4
  5. Craig Phelps

    Steadicam Private Training?

    I drove half-way across the country to train with Greg. That should say it all. :D
  6. Craig Phelps

    M1V at CineGear

    In case you haven't seen it yet: https://instagram.com/p/BU2WiyBgStm/
  7. Craig Phelps

    Steadicam Lessons

    I took the SOA Workshop in October and, I have to say, it was one of the best experiences of my life. With that being said, I picked up my rig just a couple weeks ago and wanted to make sure I was dialed in with things, so I gave the one and only Greg Smith a call. I have to say, 2 days of his one-on-one lessons is a game changer. Having a veteran op like Greg there critiquing and giving advice on everything from set-life and business to, obviously, the actual operating is absolutely incredible. Putting that into a one-on-one scenario? Get outta here! Loved the SOA workshop, but this, for me, was an extra huge help; especially after not wearing the rig for a while as a new op. He assessed where I was at and designed the entire two days around working on specific parts of operating. Going over drills and walk-through in different scenarios. Technique-drill-real World application. An excellent teacher for sure! Can't recommend his service enough. Plus, the beach is right there. ;)
  8. Craig Phelps

    College Game Day Crash

    Bad thing about a lot of these games/shows on college campuses is you are forced to rely on students provided by the university. Half the time it's not even somebody remotely interested in television or film; it's burnt me a few times running handheld. The inexperience can be frustrating at best, dangerous at worst.
  9. Craig Phelps

    Greetings from St. Louis

    Greetings all. Handheld, video, and utility guy here in St. Louis interested in the art of live steadicam operation. I know the routine from reading through the backlogs by now; book, workshop, training tapes before even thinking about anything else. I wanted to introduce myself regardless. Also, there is a steadicam op down behind home plate here at Busch Stadium right now. Is that any of you fine gentlemen by chance? Anyways, pleasure to meet you all. Hope to join your ranks sooner rather than later. Have a good one! -Craig Phelps