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  1. MK-V NEXUS V4 SLED FOR SALE Sled is about 2 years old and was ordered with every option available Sled: 2 inch 4 stage post for super high-mode or low-mode shots Deluxe V4 Gimbal V4 Electronics - Dual HD and single SD Monitor Arm Atomos Shogun Flame High-Bright monitor and recorder - Recorder is built in, SSD Card not included. Monitor was only used about 3 times and is in perfect condition. I also have the brackets to use a Small HD DP7 High Bright Betz Top Stage Articulating dual AB battery plate 3rd battery plate 2 x Docking bracket - one for the cart and one for set 1 x 11" Camera Plate Custom 3 way splitter box for Arri accessories made by Media Blackout. Allows you to power any accessories powered by a 3-pin Arri Fisher connector. I had this made so I could run anything off my rig with readily available power cables form the rental houses. Post tool Backup kip handles and bolts Pelican im3200 "gun case" custom cut for sled. Cables included are: Lemo monitor cable (Shogun Flame) 2 x P-Tap monitor cables (Flame) MDR 2 power MDR 3 power XLR 4-pin camera cable Arri 24v power (Alexa, Arricam, 435, 235) Red power $19,000. The rig is located in New York City. Best contact is email Thanks, Denny Kortze dkortze@yahoo.com 917-232-0452
  2. Taking it off the market for a little bit. Might post it again for sale in a few weeks.
  3. Selling a Atomos Shogun Flame 1500 nits daylight viewable HD monitor and recorder. I've only used it 3-4 times, it's in perfect condition. I bought it because I wanted a built in recorder for my Steadicam monitor but I ended up getting a transvideo starlite HD recorder instead and no longer need it. Included: Monitor Case 2 x P-tap power 1 x MK-V/Pro power $850 Located in NYC Denny 917-232-0452 dkortze@yahoo.com
  4. Atomos Samurai Blade with Lemo mod by Alan Rancher at Media Blackout. Powers off a 12v 2 pin Lemo (same as Preston MDR3, Bolt, Paralinx etc). I also had the voltage regulator option added so if it's incorrectly powered by 24v power it won't get fried. Also included is a SanDisk Extreme Pro 240gb solid state drive and a Atomos USB card reader for downloading the SSD cards. $450 located in NYC Denny 917-232-0452 Dkortze@yahoo.com
  5. Walter Klassen Vest - Traditional Deluxe - Arm is on the right (regular operating side). I believe an adapter is needed if mounting on the left. - I'm a size 32 waist and about 5'8". Some extra pads for customization are included - Ratchet closures on both sides - Drop down arm - It is in good condition. Some discoloration on pads and minor wear and tear. - Additional ratchet straps, hardware and ratchet buckles included - Air pump for vest bladder included - Storm Case included (Front pad and arm needs to be removed to store) $2900 for vest I'm also selling a Walter Klaassen rigid socket block for a Tiffen arm https://shop.walterklassen.com/products/pro-arm-rigid-socket $600 Will offer a discount if you purchase both. Located in NYC. Shipping not included in price. Pictures to follow in a few days. Denny 917-232-0452 dkortze@yahoo.com
  6. -Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 3G-SDI Wireless Video Transceiver Set - 1 x Transmitter (SDI) - 1 x Receiver (SDI) - 1 x Sidekick Receiver (SDI) - Array Antenna - 2 x P-tap power cables - 1 x 12v ARRI power (2 pin lemo-2 pin lemo) - 1 x 24v ARRI power (3 pin lemo- 2 pin lemo) - Extra transmitter and receiver antenna, set of omni-directional transmitter antennas - SKB protective case It's in very good condition and has the latest firmware. Works perfectly. Located in NYC $7800 plus shipping. Denny 917-232-0452 dkortze@yahoo.com
  7. Denny Kortze

    Preston DM1X Motor and Gears

    Reduced again $2300
  8. Denny Kortze

    Preston DM1X Motor and Gears

    Reduced $2450