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  1. Hey, Selling my Rockabye true horizon system. I bought it for a job last year, it worked well but don’t really need now. It’s listed at $6200 new. I’m listing it at $5500 usd + shipping or best offer. Best contact: timotawalsh@gmail.com https://www.nbstabilizer.com/rock-a-bye Steadicam / Easyrig / Tripod (on a boat) or anything else 360 degrees camera rotation Roll control remote - allows changing the camera angle on fly Stiff aluminum construction with hard anodize coat Narrow shape Basic Rock-a-bye set weights: 3.450Kg / 7.6Lb Motor alone weights: 2Kg / 4.4Lb Voltage: 10.5-33.5 Max Payload: 15Kg / 33Lb
  2. I unintentionally bought this when I purchased my M1 sled, never actually needed it as I already had one so it’s never been used. $200US+ shipping Best contact: timotawalsh@gmail.com Cheers Tim
  3. Hi, Selling a tilta nucleus m kit. Bought it as a backup system last year but have never used it aside from testing it out, I was quite impressed with how well it worked. Anyways I don’t need it, bought it brand new $1800 with extras and batteries, selling for $1000USD plus shipping. Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Lens Control System Wireless FIZ Hand Unit 2 x Wireless Motors 2 x 19mm Motor Rod Clamps 2 x 19 to 15mm Bushings Wireless Left Handle (Focus) Wireless Right Handle (Iris, Zoom) 4 x Follow Focus Disks 7-Pin to D-Tap Motor Power Cable (29") 7-Pin to 7-Pin Straight Motor Cable (11.7") 7-Pin to 7-Pin Straight Motor Cable (7") 2 x Handle to ARRI Rosette Adapter 2 x Handle to Gimbal Bar Adapter (25 to 30mm Compatibility) Four-Slot 18650 Battery Charger AC Power Cord for Charger Wireless FIZ Hand Unit Strap Hard-Shell Waterproof Safety Case 16x batteries (additional item from standard kit) panavision lens gear (additional item from standard kit) Alexa mini run cable (additional item from standard kit) RED DSMC2 run cable (additional item from standard kit) Komodo run cable (additional item from standard kit) sony run cable (additional item from standard kit) Wide 0.8pitch cog (additional item from standard kit) Item located in Sydney, Australia Best contact timotawalsh@gmail.com
  4. Selling brand new Volt docking bracket, never used. $750 USD + shipping. Located Sydney Australia. Best contact timotawalsh@gmail.com
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