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  1. I’m interested 

    Mia it still available?




  2. I am selling my first rig, which I used carefully and lovely during the last 2 years. It is a great rig, very solid and precise, and very modular to extremely low/heavy configuration. I made several features/series with, but time for me to upgrade. MKV 2"-4 post EVOLUTION electronics , Nexus base. SD electronics, but I used a decimator to convert HD video signal . The electronics works very well, but as it's an older version it does not run so many 24Vpower inside the post, and it can't power recent and necessitous camera, but it's working nice with 35mm camera. V3 MKV Gimbal Betz Topstage PAG /V mount batteries holder for the 3 batteries MKV original Monitor, extremely bright, MKV Monitor bracket. As you can see in pics it has a kind of round made inside by the coating, but it really not affect it. MKV Docking Support / No stand 2 plates , the original one and a Zalec long plate, which is used all the time. Cables: 2 BNC/ 2Fischer2 (Alexa) / 1 XLR4 / 2 Dtap /2 Panavision 35mm/ 1monitor/few other old one.... I give with 9 old PAG 95W with a 4way PAG charger + a PAG to XLR4 plate. Not using them at all, last time I used it 3 were holding nice, 4 were acceptable and 2 really badly. So best is to made them recell! It came within pelican cases with foam. PRICE : 13 000€ VAT Included, buyers pays shipping. The item are based in Paris, France. Open to negotiation, this rig was really a great starting opportunity for me, so I will be more than happy if it can be the same for someone else! Of course, fell free to ask any questions: flo.berthellot@gmail.com
  3. Hi Guys, I am in the same situation. But I contacted MKV, and they offer a trade-in offer to upgrade the electronics, so the price of upgrading to the V3.5 new is around 2500€. Just for info!! (I will personnaly do it on this way). All the best!
  4. Hi everyone! I bought a first price stead, knowing that I may have some improvement to do... And after having made my own monitor bracket, and battery holder , I now have to change my gimbal, too weak for an use with heavy camera. That's why I'm searching for a gimbal to buy, not necessary an high end gimbal, knowing that after having improved my skills (and earning some money...) I will probably need to buy a "real" one stead- but not for now. So, I'm much more interested in some old III /IIIA gimbal or thing like that, not so expensive but this quite well working, I won't look at the aesthetical aspect...Moreover my post is in 1 1/8" , but I have the tools to made an adaptator ring, and so i am searching for a 1.5" gimbal of course. Feel free to contact me if you something that can interest me, at a reasonable price, or If you have ever experienced this kind of things ( make a ring to use a 1.5" gimbal on a smaller post...). Thanks a lot for answers/propositions! All the best Florian
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