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  1. Hi Simone Max camera weight for the Aero 15 is 4.5kg or around 9lb. Sled is around 6lb. Robin
  2. Hi David There are 4 or 5 different types of bearing in the A-30, which one do you need to replace? Best to email me at robin.thwaites@tiffen.com.
  3. Hi Sam Did you check with LEMAC? Send me an e-mail robin.thwaites@tiffen.com. I am UK based Robin
  4. Hi Jeremy You need the 800-7350-01 for V-lock or 800-7350-02 for Gold mount. Should be able to get it through Kingsway. This is the thicker version that has the flying lead to connect the sled plus 2 of the large power Lemos for accessories.
  5. Thanks for the FlySteadicam mention Jerry. The test we made with the Imax was with a Volt on an Ultra 2 and the Volt was able to negate approximately 80% of the side to side offset caused by the film transfer. So that meant that the sled could be balanced so that the operator needed a little bit of side hand pressure at the beginning of the mag and a little bit at the end with the Volt doing all the compensation for the most part.
  6. Getting a dedicated low mode plate from the camera rental company will gain you a couple of inches maybe and be more rigid than a handle clamp. Also a third battery mount would help. Then as Jerry says balance for normal drop time with the camera down.
  7. Hi Raphael, send me an e-mail robin.thwaites@tiffen.com. Robin
  8. Hi Regis You CAN use a G-50 arm but as Louis says you will need a large socket block for your vest. The G-50 is available with the 1/2" arm post that will fit. My concern is that by knowingly overloading the sled you may do damage to some other component like the gimbal, gimbal yoke or stage to post junction. Also you will need to make the post very long top balance that load meaning that you could see vibration. Robin
  9. Hi Sander This is something that can happen with a Master stage and usually a lighter camera in low mode. Best option is to get the stage serviced, from my days at Optex with these we used to say every year. As an emergency fix try jamming wedges between the dovetail plate and the nosebox or top of the stage. Cinema Products used to make little screw in clamps to overcome the problem. Also make sure you clamp the dovetail down really hard when the fled is upright (so the camera weight is acting downwards). Robin
  10. Hi Sawyer Your first test tells me that something is moving. It only needs to be a tiny amount, battery mount, stage, monitor, even seen post to base joint flex. At that drop time you may even see the effect of the cable slopping a little in the post. Best Robin
  11. Hi Sawyer First of all we find that 90% of the time we see balance issues they are something other than the gimbal ie something moving. Yours does sound like the stage F/A adjustment moving, have a look at page 8.3 of the M-1 manual as this explains how to take slack out of the trims (they should be similar but the F/A located on the back). If you over-tighten the adjuster it may make the adjusting knob difficult to turn. Also, grab the yoke and see if there is any slack in the side bearings, vertical slack won't really matter but any clicks may be a tell tale sign that something is wrong. I am located in the UK so not much use to physically look at the sled but feel free to mail me on robin.thwaites@tiffen.com. Robin
  12. Hi Ross Where are you? We have stock in the UK. Robin
  13. Send me an e-mail on robin.thwaites@tiffen.com and I will get back to you. Robin
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