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  1. Jake Iesu

    Preston HU2 w G3 Board

    Thanks All. The Handset is now sold. Regards
  2. Preston HU2 w G3 Board. A cheap way to build a 3 channel preston system. Buy an MDR with the blue dot upgrade and swap the boards, then when you're ready to make the step up to HU3 put the G4 board back in easy. Kit comes with: PRESTON HU2 14x Marking Rings 1 x Iris Slider 3 x Preston Batts 1 x Preston Fast charger with IEC power cable ( Aussie plug) 1x Preston G3 Board 900 AUD or 750 USD. Buyer to pay postage.
  3. Jake Iesu

    4:30 oner

    Wowsers. Masterful Kiril. I can't fault it well done.
  4. A bargain for such a well looked after kit
  5. Jake Iesu

    Micro Balance adjustment

    Did you solve your issues? I have three on my rig. Two on lower electronic box next to post (fore aft and side x side) and the other is screwed into the 1/4" thread on the underside of my yoke mounted monitor. None on the top stage .
  6. Jake Iesu

    Micro Balance adjustment

    I have a question regarding the dynamics involved with Balancing the rig. I have noticed that often (if not all the time) when I balance the rig on the Hill bracket and dock in order to pick up the sled I then will have to do some minor tuning of the balance when the sled is mounted to my body via the arm. The adjustments are allways very minor, maybe 1/8th of a revolution of the DBIII knobs yet I constantly find myself having to make that minor balance adjustment, It is rather insignificant but it does take time and i'm curious to what could be causing this. The Gimbal has just come back from a major service from pro. Both the fore and aft and side to side seem to need this minor tweak. Is their a logic to this or does the problem exist purely between the vest and the ground. regards.
  7. Jake Iesu

    Advice on buying a van

    I'm not up to par with that news here, given the amount of diesel vehicles on the road I'm sure I would have heard something on the grapevine by now. That's a shame for you guys it really is a great vehicle.
  8. Jake Iesu

    Kind of off-topic but ... travel advice for LA?

    Go hiking up to the observatory. [emoji1360] and avoid the traffic! I always like to take a drive to the outskirts when I'm on that side of the planet (santa Barbara or sequoia NP) or check out some live comedy if your hell bent on sticking inside the city. Best of luck at the workshop.
  9. Jake Iesu

    Advice on buying a van

    I'm in Aus and I own a SWB VW transporter, though ethically it was a poor decision to hide the emissions it actually doesn't effect the transporters at all. (Only the more performance orientated VW's) The van has been one of the best purchases I have ever made, it is fuel efficient, comfortable, incredibly reliable and above all else it has been absolutely indispensable when moving house/building a garden/ buying furniture/ taking holidays/ camping pretty damn handy for work as well. I had a custom made trolley made that easily wheels up a ramp in the side door gets ratcheted to the cage and I'm away, the whole process of unpacking and wheeling to set takes about 4 minutes. Loving the transporter 200k Km's and runs like a new one.
  10. Jake Iesu

    Low mode angle bracket

    I would be interested as well. For the pro arm/ handle
  11. Jake Iesu

    The Betz Wave system review??

    Insightful Tom, Thanks for sharing. Do you use a rod or similar (with camera placed on it's side) to test the top to bottom balance of the camera? Similar to how you would check fore and aft balance before mounting to your donkey box. How is the battery use? Did you find you were noticeably using more power? Thanks
  12. Jake Iesu

    HD steadi monitor...which one??

    Yeah definetly impressed with the cost, brightness and especially the service from Boland, only fault is minimal features but imho all things considered best all rounder monitor available.
  13. Jake Iesu

    IBC feedback on stargateFHD

    A little bump here. Curious to see some feedback from operators about this one. Specifically it's daylight view ability as a full time Steadicam monitor.
  14. Jake Iesu

    Garage Sale Video Gear

    DX400, Modulus 3000 and Canatrans are all sold