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  1. Hi Craig, I have an extra socket block from an EFP arm, I think IIIa arm uses the same socket block. I would look into options for shipping it to you in Europe, what country are you in please. Thanks, Stan
  2. Hello, I’m an owner of a MK-V Nexus 2” sled since year 2005 and as such have gone through issues as majority of MK-V sled owners. I’m going to put a brief description of issues and solutions, covering MK-V sleds going back to early 2000-ens. This is a good read if you own or plan to own an MK-V sled!!! - in early to mid 2000-ens, MK-V put out “V2” Electronics that supported Composite Video Signal, 12V and 24V power independently and upper/lower electronics contained built-in option for Alien Revolution addon. These V2 electronics were being sold to go along with their MK-V Evolution sl
  3. Looking for a small 2 bracket that wraps around 15mm rods on Betz Top Stage and holds MK-V Junction Box fixed in place. This little bracket holds MK-V Junction Box attached to 15mm rods. This bracket would be needed only for MK-V sleds and somebody moving Betz Top Stage from MK-V sled to any other sled wouldnt need the bracket any longer, it would be a surplus item. Checking if anybody has one of these in US/Canada before ordering from Germany. Attaching couple of pictures, item circled in red. Thanks
  4. Heres a few images of my Zoe Bebob zoom control. Minor scratches, in a good shape. I can get it in your hands with either an older style 8-pin connector or a newer style 20-pin connector. Every Canon HD lens made over past 12+ years has 20-pin connector. Canons new cine lenses with servo drive units come only with the 20-pin connectors, this 20-pin connector is a better way to go. Stan Bioksic
  5. What battery chemistry are you looking for, what is the chemical composition of your present battery that your charger can handle (Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh or Li-Ion). Do not attempt to charge Ni-MH or Li-Ion in a charger designed for Ni-Cad batteries, I know two people that force charged them with an inappropriate charger and their houses burned down, real fist hand stories so be careful here. I have a couple of battery chargers for NP-1 style batteries (chocolate bar batteries). Both charger have little use, they can go back on the shelf as "new condition". They are Made by Aspen and Pag respectiv
  6. Hi all, I'm jumping in this conversation a bit late. Ability to transmit video signal to a further distance is directly limited by the RF bandwidth of this signal being transmitted. Wider the bandwidth of the signal, the distance it can travel is shorter. If you can reduce the bandwidth frequency of the signal you are transmitting then you can beam that same signal further away. For example, the Boxx Meridian units were transmitting about a half of the 1.5GHz information that comes through a regular HD-SDI signal and this is commonly called "uncompressed" transmitted video signal. The Mi
  7. I have an EFP sled that I haven't used for a while and would sell it. I used it on one instance a couple of years ago for a heavy running shot through sandy beach and wanted to go lighter than them MK-V with 2" post. The sled has monitor arm but the old green screen monitor is pretty bad, you would need a new monitor. I can relatively easy have the harness inside the post upgraded with SDI grade cable instead of the existing coaxial cable. Make me an offer worth doing it all. Thanks, Stan
  8. I have a new Lambda camera wedge plate, it is still wrapped up in Cartoni factory bubble wrap and tape. It is a large wedge plate, original plate that comes with the Lambda head, it weighs about 1lb, a real thing. Anybody interested, please make me a reasonable offer and I would look around for it and spend pictures. Thanks, Stan
  9. Hi there, I have 3 different steadicam vests for sale, I moved to a smaller house and less space for toys. - an older EFP that works great, it was in my possession for past 17years - a new vest that's a copy of an Ultra vest - mint shape Ultra II vest, in my opinion the best front mount vest ever made, comes with a bag I think the copy of Ultra vest would be more than you would ever need and it would still be good if you get a larger heavier sled. It has a heavy duty new socket block that works with Master Series Arm/G-70 Arm/EFP Arm. $775 and the vest is yours. $550 for my EFP
  10. I have a Nebtek Solar Bright 7" HD screen that has HD/SD-SDI input and a composite video input. It is 1000nits brightness. I haven't used the Nebtek screen since I got Small HD's 1500nits 7" screen in 2015 and would cut you a good deal on the Nebtek screen. What country are you in? Thanks, Stan
  11. I have a 2" MK-V post with a MK-V top stage that would work fine on your 1.5" post. This is my backup sled that I never really used and would sell some components. This MK-V top stage has adjustment knobs on both sides for easy reach, it works great. I would include a steadicam plate and two 15mm rods so it would be complete everything you need. You still might be able to use all of your your old 3A steadicam sliding plates but you would need a minor work on one edge of your plates, for an additional safety feature (safety if you ever tilt your sled backwards when plate isn't locked in, t
  12. I'm looking for a docking bracket for my MK-V sled that has 2" centre post. It would be my backup and any used 2" docking bracket would do.
  13. I have a several Dionic 90 and Dionic 90 HD batteries that have lost capacity and everything internally is working fine. I have been switching slowly to AB's 120W HCX batteries so the Dionic 90's are sitting on a shelf. These Dionic batteries can be re-celled easily. I will be in Croatia in 1st week of July and I can ship from Croatia if you can wait till then. Drop me a note if either one works for you.
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