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    Garage Sale Video Gear

    The above is being sold by Jake Iesu... too many accounts, too many passwords....
  2. I'm doing a clean up of some older Video Equipment, Perfect for film work. Please send me a PM if any of it Interests you. All Equipment is located in Sydney Australia. Pickup is no problem Postage worldwide at buyers Expense. DX 400 Receiver. 2x Shark Fin Antennas. Various short BNC Cables. 4x Long BNC Cables. Bag of BNC + Antenna Joiners/ Connectors 1x Instruction leaflet 1x 4pin XLR - 4pin XLR pwr Cable 1x Mains to XLR Pwr Cable (US Plug) 1x Pelican Case 1x Sony Video Tap 1x Video Relay Lens 1x Hirose Pwr Cable Suitable to Attatch to Either 16mm or 35mm Viewfinders In order to get a video feed 1X Canatrans NTSC Video TRX 5x Antenna 1x Instruction Manual 1x 3pin XLR pwr Cable 3x 4pin Sled Pwr Cables 1x 2pin Lemo Pwr Cable 1x AB D Tap Pwr Cable Preston 1 FI&Z 12v/24v Booster 1x 4 pin Sled Pwr 1x 4Pin fischer - 3 pin fischer Pro Gen II Green Screen Monitor (no scratches) 1x Shipping Case 1x Pro Monitor Cable Modulus 3000 Transmitter 3x 2pin Lemo Pwr Cables 5x 3pin Fischer Pwr 2x 12v 4pin XLR Pwr 1x 10pin Lemo 12v Pwr 2x 4pin Sled Pwr 1x Small Pelican 4x Aerials Best offer gets it.
  3. dafttemplar

    LA/NY gear trial

    Hello steadicam brethren. I'm new to the steadicam game and will be travelling from down under to the land of the brave in late August to do a little steadicam training and will inevitably be looking at buying myself a rig while I'm over there. I do have a very knowledgable and respected cameraman guiding my first steps into flight (he runs a serial 001 pro rig ) which will be extraordinary to cut my teeth on. However from all the reading I've being doing here it seems the most sensible option when making such a large investment is to fly a few rigs in order for me to get a feel for what I would like to own. I'm wondering I there is some form of facility for me to try a few different systems out while I'm in LA or NY . Ultimately I will be at the mercy of what's available used around that time of year but it would be great to know I hate the feel of a G70 before I drop 10k on it. Obviously my time in the rig by the time I'm about to purchase will be very minimal however I don't see the sense in buying a rig that won't fly the cameras that I generally work with. Any enlightenment into the first rig purchase?