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  1. Hi,

    I'm interested by your Top Stage.

    Do you have Paypal ?

    All the best

  2. hi, I sell my topstage back up. asking 500€ photos PM gersamxl@gmail.com
  3. Sled Arm + (Bag Arm) Vest Steadistand Flightcase Docking Bracket post 6" Provit F Bracket low mode Small HD 5"+ Accesories Dovetail plate Extension Strap kit Allen Tool Channel SDI 12/24 volts
  4. Hi, Im selling my great Flyer LE. The Rig in complete without batteries y charger. The sled was upgrade with one chanel Hd-SDI. Sled,arm,flight case,vest,Stand, docking, plate, allen key, bag arm. Accesories: Extension strap kit, provid F bracket, Gimbal post 6. Monitor Smallhd DP6 (SD, HD, components,etc). Playload 19 lb (85 kg). Sled work to 12/24v. Asking 4100 Madrid (Spain) Pm gersamxl@gmal.com
  5. Hi Rory, I have a flyer complete system ( vest, arm y sled)
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