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  1. I can't seem to figure out how to change my name, been digging around account settings for a bit.
  2. I'm a one-man run'n'gun sorta guy; I've worked with my mirrorless out of a Ronin-M that all fits in a backpack for years. Naturally, electronics and motors being what they are, the gimbal has acted up one too many times at critical moments, making the relatively foolproof mechanics of a Steadicam rig start seeming attractive. The immediate gear-bloat makes me uneasy though. All of a sudden, flying a mirrorless on a steadicam seems like a waste, I'm going to need more batteries, look into a FIZ unit... I know they offer "backpacks" for steadicams, but I could probably fit myself in one of those they're so huge. And then, a couple thousand dollars into a rig that is merely the first rung of an entire field, one that I'm not sure I want to sacrifice my knees for. Who is the Aero-15 for? Should I look into a used Aero-30/Zephyr instead? Or just stay away from it entirely?
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