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  1. Hi Zach would love to get the Vest with socket block .

    prob. need the socket block ...will the block you have fit a GPI Pro-Arm?

    Please let me know soon.

    Thanks Todd Kirschner 

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    2. Zach Zamboni

      Zach Zamboni

      Located in Maine, 04102.  Payment via Zelle is preferred (Bank of America and other big banks use it). When buyers want to use PayPal I ask they pick up the fees as it costs me more to use it (3%).

    3. Zach Zamboni

      Zach Zamboni

      Please reach out to my email as I'll be away from this chat.  Thanks!

    4. Zach Zamboni

      Zach Zamboni

      Hi Todd, I have another buyer willing to pay now.  I haven't heard back from you yet?

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