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  1. Sold one of the receivers. Now 2:1 System for $12,000
  2. Selling one of our Bolt 3000 Kits. It is a 3:1 system but can sell separate if someone is only looking for a 2:1 system. Everything is in great working order and shows signs of normal wear and tear. Kit includes Pelican Case 1x Bolt 3000 TX 2x TX Antennas 3x Bolt 3000 Rx 3x RX Cages 10x RX Antennas Ptap to 2-pin power, BNC and HDMI Cables Paralinx Style Array with 10 antenna cables $15,000 IMG_6850.HEIC IMG_6851.HEIC IMG_6852.HEIC IMG_6853.HEIC IMG_6854.HEIC IMG_6855.HEIC IMG_6856.HEIC IMG_6860.HEIC IMG_6861.HEIC IMG_6863.HEIC IMG_6865.HEIC IMG_6868.HEIC IMG_6869.HEIC IMG_6870.HEIC
  3. I am selling my Arri Artemis sled. It is in like new condition and has mainly been used to practice. It has worked a total of ten times on sets. The sale incudes Arri Artemis Cine Broadcast 1.8" Gold Mount Sled &17,100 Transvideo CineMonitor HD6 XSBL $4,850 Arri Artemis Docking Bracket 1.8" $1,530 Arri Artemis Cam Power 12v Arri Alexa Cable $200 Arr Artemis Cam Power 24V Arri Alexa Cable $220 Arri Artemis Monitor Bracket 6" with 1.5" Clamp $1,763.00 Arri Monitor Bracket Post Clamp 1.8" (for mounting the monitor higher on the post) $660.00 Arri Steadi Sleeve Sled Case $918.00 Arri Cam Power 12v Hicap to Red Camera Power $180 Arri Artemis Post Tool 1.8" $167.00 Arri Artemis Camera Plate 8" $270 Arri 2-pin t0 4-pin XLR Monitor Power $120.00 Arri Artemis Focus Bracket $117.00 Arri Universal Focus Bracket for Preston $215.00 Arri Cam Power 12v XLR Hicap (Sony & Varicam Power) $185.00 Arri Cam Power 12v Hicap to Alexa Mini Power $195.00 Arri Video power to Lemo OB 2-pin power $190.00 Transvideo Anton Bauer Battery Back for 6" Transvideo CinemonitorHD6 XSBL $342.00 Rain Cover for Sled $230.00 Rain Cover for Transvideo 6" 145.00 $29,600 Total Asking for $26,000.00. Can Also throw in 2 Artemis to Betz Wave Cables for $400.00
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