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  1. I've got an EFP gimbal, and I'm planning to upgrade to a bigger arm so I'd like to also upgrade my gimbal for the potential heavier builds. If you have a Pro, XCS, MKV, etc you're looking to sell, let me know!
  2. Hey everyone, So I'm trying to update my sled and I have a modified EFP with a MK-V carbon fiber post. I'd like a new top stage. I currently have the old 3a with track adjustment top stage. From what I understand, the mounting hardware has the same placement as the Pro gear, and I was curious if the DBII can mount directly to my sled WITHOUT the Pro electronics box as a middle man. I'd like to still use the EFP electronics box mounted off the diving board if I do get the DBII. I've attached two photos, one of the underside of the holes for the DBII and one of my top stage currently attached to the sled. If those even help. Has anyone done this? Would I run into any issues? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!
  3. So I have a modified EFP sled that I had rewired by Terry for HD and 12/24v last year. Came to the conclusion my gimbal needs to be re-centered so I brought it to Robert Luna. He needs the gimbal off the post so he can work on it. I futzed around with it and realized I have no way of removing the gimbal off the sled. There's no break point in the cable line anywhere between my top stage and bottom stage. It's a wrapped bundle from top to bottom. My thoughts are I have two, maybe three options: 1. Bring the sled back to Terry and create a break point 2. Disconnect/cut the cables somewhere, get the gimbal fixed, then reconnect cables/Terry creates a break point wherever I cut cables. 3. If I can't just add a break in the line, have Terry disconnect, Luna fixes the gimbal, then Terry reconnects everything (basically I don't take any chances doing it myself and causing horrible, horrible damage). Is there something else I can do? Someone else who can shim my gimbal while it's still on the post? Save me from this cruel fate? I've attached three photos sort of showing the cable. My set up: MKV carbon fiber 2 stage post EFP gimbal EFP top stage EFP/modified battery rack Any help is greatly appreciated. I really want to get this sled up and running at 100% again soon!
  4. Thank you for all the advice, I've definitely been re-thinking my route going into this with everyone's tips. Getting further into the book and trying on a few friend's rigs has definitely shown me I'm a lot farther than I thought. More and more and more research!
  5. Not mean at all, I appreciate the honesty. I'm not sure where I saw PRO 1 arm. Might've been a PRO Atlas or Titan arm and I mistakenly combined it with something. I'll have to find the thread again. And yeah, I've already answered multiple questions going a bit deeper in the forums. IE the 3A arm post would need an adapter to properly use the Master sled gimbal. Just gotta keep reading and researching.
  6. Hey everyone, Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been a working 1st/2nd in Los Angeles for a year and a half now. And although I love what I do, I've always had my heart set on operating. And steadicam is the funnest form of it. I'm a novice in the realm of steadicam, but I have used a poorly maintained rig from my school. If memory serves, it was a 3A arm and sled and there was a couple classes that focused on steadicam/glidecam which I took at my school as well. I've firsted for a few steadicam operators who showed me a few things but some of their advice and knowledge didn't quite stick. I've been considering steadicam for a few months, and decided I should do this now and not later (More debt never hurt anyone, right?). So I've been diving deep into the forums here which as been such a huge help, and I think I've finally gotten a base understanding of where I'm going in terms of starting out. But I wanted to pose some questions to everyone here to clarify a few things. I will be taking a Tiffen workshop, but probably not until next year. Most likely against everyone's better judgement, I'm going to get a rig and jump right in. I don't have a budget 100% set, but I'm maxing myself at $20k. From my research, this seems doable for a used starter rig. In terms of which brands, that's to be fleshed out. - If I was configuring a rig from different brands or styles, is there anything I should watch out for? Like don't use this arm with this sled or vest? I saw something about a Pro1 arm (??) needing a different bracket for a back mounted vest. Stuff like that. - How closely should weight limits match between the arm and sled? Or do most midrange rigs sort of cradle the same weight limits? Just watch out for extreme differences in weight limits? Which would be the better option to handle more weight if need be? - Preferences on front mount vs back mount vests. Does the arm lose any field of motion between either mounts? - Setting the tension in your arm. I know that it matters on the shot, if you need camera higher = more tension, lower height = less tension so you aren't having to fight the resistance, but what about tension between either section of the arm? How do you know when you've set the tension properly on either side of the joint? - Lastly (for now), any kind of preferences or advice about starting out? I've got a couple friends who are willing to crash course me on wearing the rig and operating, and I'm hoping to head to the Tiffen Steadicam office to possibly test some of their products. I found a thread that noted someone specific to call there, I just can't seem to find it again. Any kind of info about anything steadicam related would be appreciated and savored! Also as it stands, I'm looking at an updated Master sled, Master vest, and either a 3A arm or Master arm as my first rig. Any insight about this would be great. Or any potential sellers too haha. Thank you to anyone with answers, and I look forward to being a part of this forum!
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