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  1. James Jetel

    A narrow Longplate?

    I'd be interested, provided it fits the Zephyr! Thanks.
  2. James Jetel

    Who operated on "Handmaids Tale?"

    I’ve recommended the show to quite a few people based on your steadi work alone! Absolutely astonishing. Come to NYC and put on a clinic!
  3. Hey All, Looking for a small practice cam, SDI out would be amazing. HDMI is fine. Needs to Zoom, would love to have internal storage and playback. Or if you just have ideas of model numbers to search up. Thanks! -JJ
  4. Bump - help a tall man out!
  5. Hi folks, This is probably a long shot, but I'm looking for a Goofy IBaird bracket for my PRO vest. Would love to know if you have one. Thanks, JJ