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  1. I have worked on a couple of features with Steve over the years and he is one of the best and nicest in the business. Very happy for the success of this fellow Canadian!
  2. Thanks Mike. Chris got back to me earlier today with the beta firmware update and it worked for us. Cheers, Patrick
  3. Hi Mike, Any updates to this problem? I was having some email dialogue with Chris at Teradek subsequent to submitting a support ticket but have not heard from him since mid-October. Patrick Hogue
  4. Re: SDI record flag... I have submitted a ticket with Teradek regarding the SDI flag not working with the Bolt 3000 in conjunction with the Alexa and the Atomos Samurai Blade recorders (as well as the tally indicator on a Flanders Scientific CM250 monitor). The Bolt 2000 passes the SDI record flag properly on these downstream devices. Since the issue was brought up with Teradek, a firmware update was released with notes indicating: Bug Fixes - Time code and record flags were not recognized by some monitors/recorders However, the firmware update did not fix the problem for us.
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