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  1. Hey Benjamin, here it is. https://vimeo.com/400376534
  2. The solution are these clamps. https://photobucket.com/gallery/user/studlycam/media/cGF0aDovSU1HXzI4MTFhX3pwczkyZDc5MDlkLmpwZw==/?ref= I know Adam Mendry had one or two ... i contacted him, but he doesnt have it anymore. Maybe we can find someone, who is willing to craft some for us.
  3. Got the same problem on my Ultra and solved it. It have play on the for and aft at the topstage. You have to send it in or remove the play by yourself. Maybe give tiffen a call.
  4. Thank you for the reply. The clamp mechanism works fine, i just need some new bearings for pan, tilt and roll. I heard of the clamp mechanism problem on the master und ultra gimbal, but i checked that and mine works fine and i diddnt get any problems from there. Greetings Felix
  5. I think i have to exchange the pan bearing, because on some point i feel a friction while paning. Just mailed Christian about a week ago, he replied that there are no more spare parts for the Ultra1 Gimbal and that he couldn't do it. :/ So i have to remove the gimbal and send it to someone else. Greetings Felix
  6. Hi, does anyone have a step by step description or a video how to remove the gimbal from the post? I will send my Gimbal in for a service at the end of the year, so i have to take it of. Greetings Felix
  7. Hi Guys, im looking for a used Hardmount and a used Alexa plate like the one from Optical Support. Many thanks Felix
  8. Hi, i want to buy something like the 3a Arm and a vest to start with. Europe seller prefered! Pricerange 5000€ Thanks
  9. Thanks for all your answers! This helps me a lot! :) Many thanks Felix
  10. Hey Lisa and Mike, thanks for your advice :) I will give it a try and train the start and stop on both feet. Felix
  11. Hey :) , im just intrested where your weight sits at the start and at the stop of a move. On which foot? And also when moving backwards, where is the weight at the start and on which foot at the stop? And when you holding the frame in a locked position? Im flying the rig on the left side! Many thanks in advance Felix
  12. So the motor is to weak? Anything good in the pricerange between 2000€ and 2500€ you can recommend?
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