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  1. Hi Emanuele, I am looking to buy 2 x blue canisters. Would you sell two of your blue canisters seperately? Thanks.
  2. I'm buying a GPI Pro cinelive sled, and a Pro Titan arm, and wondering what cases people are using for their kit? Also looking for advice on interior foam. Here is the sled: Pro telescoping post Cinelive top and bottom stage Donkeybox III Battery rack gen III Tiffen M1 volt gimbal Transvideo 8" monitor The arm: Pro Ttian Also I guess there are probably some threads on this subject already! If anyone knows were they are please point me in the right direction. Thanks
  3. Hello, Can't seem to find how to edit text in an advert that I placed in market place. Is it possible to do so? Thanks, Kes
  4. Zeiss ZF.2 Set - Full Duclos conversion including EF Conversion 15mm f2.8 25mm f2 35mm f1.4 50mm f1.4 85mm f1.4 100mm (makro) f2 This set of Zeiss ZF.2 lenses have had full "cine conversion" from Duclos lenses. Meaning they have all had the following alterations made to them: - Standardized 32 pitch gearing on the focus ring - 80mm front ring and front caps* - Aperture de-clicking - Nikon F to Canon EF semi permanent mount conversion *15mm lens does not support 80mm front conversion as the native front thread size is 95mm. They come with a Pelican case with custom foam insert, original sun hoods, and clear, or UV IR filters. All lenses are in perfect condition other than a couple of very minor surface marks on the metal portion of a couple of the lenses. I have been the only owner of the lenses so far and have always treated them with care. I bought them new as a set from Duclos in April 2014. More photos available on request. LENSES ARE LOCATED IN MONTREAL, CANADA. PRICE IS IN CANADIAN DOLLARS. $13,500 CAD. Buyer pays shipping.
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