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  1. This is a full set up, equipment, cases, batts, cart and a stand. Plug-n-play. Solid rig. I'm NYC based, happy to show in person. Original investment around $120K Looking for $62k OBO
  2. Maceo Bishop

    Master Series Arm

  3. Maceo Bishop

    Master Series Arm

    I just had a huge Robert Luna overhaul done to the arm so it is like new. The over haul cost $2400. The price for the arm remains the same: $8000. This is a great deal.
  4. This Master Series arm with three posts is in excellent condition and priced to sell. Reason for selling: After finishing a recent job I can finally afford the Pro Arm so I ordered one yesterday. I'm sure whoever gets this arm will be very happy. -Maceo Bishop
  5. Maceo Bishop

    Bartech Run/Stop Cables

    Just one left: Arriflex 11 pin r/s (right angle) - $120 Maceo Bishop maceobishop@mac.com
  6. I have a few Bartech R/S cables left over from when I sold my BFD. Here's what I have: Arri 3 pin r/s -$100 Panavision r/s -$100 Aaton r/s -$100 Arriflex 11 pin r/s (right angle) - $120 Arrilex 11 pin r/s - $100 Some of these cables have never been used and all are in excellent working condition. Maceo Bishop maceobishop@mac.com
  7. Great arm priced to sell. I bought this arm from Robert Luna in 2004. It comes with three posts. Located in NY. (917) 776-4976. Thanks. Maceo Bishop
  8. 1 x Pro/Sietz/BFD to Arri 35-III (11 pin Fischer right angle) - $200 1 x Pro/Sietz/BFD to Arri BL/SR/35-III - $150 2 x Pro/Sietz/BFD to Arri 435/535/SR3 - $100 1 x Pro/Sietz/BFD to Aaton 16/35 -$100 1 x Pro/Sietz/BFD to Panavision - $150 1 x BFD to M1 cables - $100 1 x "H" bracket holds two receivers - $150 1 x XCS bracket holds one receiver - $100 Buy them all and get a free BFD antenna :blink: Maceo Bishop (917) 776-4976 maceobishop@mac.com
  9. Maceo Bishop

    BFD and M-One

    Thanks Alec. By the way, both BFD's have sold. I still have some cables which I have posted. Thanks to all who have called. Maceo
  10. Maceo Bishop

    BFD Cables

    For Sale: 3 Custom Delrin marking rings ($20 ea.) 2 BFD - Arri R/S cables($110 ea.) 1 BFD ? Panavison R/S ($170) 1 BFD ? Arri 11 pin Fischer Right angle R/S ($200)new 1 BFD ? Arri 11 pin Fischer Right angle R/S ($170)new 1 BFD ? Anton R/S ($110) 1 ?Spare Control Knob antenna (B.O.) new
  11. Maceo Bishop

    BFD and M-One

    Hello gavin, I have two complete units for sale. Call if you are still interested. Thanks. Maceo Bishop (917)776-4976
  12. Maceo Bishop

    used CIT Modulus 3000

    Let me know when it's back on the market. Mine went down today.I would take it asap. maceobishop@mac.com
  13. I bought the vest from Tiffen a year ago, it was used as a demo at the trade shows. It has worked very well for me. It is in perfect working condition though it is not a new vest. Normal cosmetic wear is visible but if you don't mind that you will have gotten a great vest for a great price. $2000