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  1. Used to fly this on my XCS Ultimate but haven't needed it for years. Cables are mostly 4 pin lemos, there's one for Pany I believe. Memory lane. :) MB
  2. Hi Jeremy, I’m 510 with about a 34 waist. Why don’t you send me your phone number and I’ll text you images of the slight etc. 917-776-4976
  3. I'm 5'10" 180 lbs. My wait has been 33-36in over the years, 34 now. It's highly adjustable (including an extender for wearing a winter coat under it which inevitably you'll do). Foam inserts can be added/replaced as needed. What's your email address. I'll send a couple pics.
  4. XCS Ultimate 1 w/ TB6- $12,500 Klassen Back Mounted Vest - $3000 Many cables, Plates, Stand and docking block (x2) etc. - $1500 Priced to sell. *pictures upon request
  5. This sled is ready to go. The last film I used it on was Uncut Gems. We shot film and Alexa mini. I’m shooting now so she needs a new home. The Alexa 65 and the older LF with all accessories attached can draw more power than this sled likes. No issues with any other camera's I've flown. Priced to sell but I will consider any reasonable offers. Will sell items separately. XCS Ultimate 1 $18,000 Pro Arm together $18,000 (4 blue and 4 black canisters) Klassen Back Mounted Vest $3000 Super post $500 Cables, Hardware, etc. $500 Klassen vehicle mount $500 - SOLD Stand and docking block (x2) $1000 Total package - $41,000 *pictures upon request
  6. This is a full set up, equipment, cases, batts, cart and a stand. Plug-n-play. Solid rig. I'm NYC based, happy to show in person. Original investment around $120K Looking for $62k OBO
  7. I just had a huge Robert Luna overhaul done to the arm so it is like new. The over haul cost $2400. The price for the arm remains the same: $8000. This is a great deal.
  8. This Master Series arm with three posts is in excellent condition and priced to sell. Reason for selling: After finishing a recent job I can finally afford the Pro Arm so I ordered one yesterday. I'm sure whoever gets this arm will be very happy. -Maceo Bishop
  9. Just one left: Arriflex 11 pin r/s (right angle) - $120 Maceo Bishop maceobishop@mac.com
  10. I have a few Bartech R/S cables left over from when I sold my BFD. Here's what I have: Arri 3 pin r/s -$100 Panavision r/s -$100 Aaton r/s -$100 Arriflex 11 pin r/s (right angle) - $120 Arrilex 11 pin r/s - $100 Some of these cables have never been used and all are in excellent working condition. Maceo Bishop maceobishop@mac.com
  11. Great arm priced to sell. I bought this arm from Robert Luna in 2004. It comes with three posts. Located in NY. (917) 776-4976. Thanks. Maceo Bishop
  12. 1 x Pro/Sietz/BFD to Arri 35-III (11 pin Fischer right angle) - $200 1 x Pro/Sietz/BFD to Arri BL/SR/35-III - $150 2 x Pro/Sietz/BFD to Arri 435/535/SR3 - $100 1 x Pro/Sietz/BFD to Aaton 16/35 -$100 1 x Pro/Sietz/BFD to Panavision - $150 1 x BFD to M1 cables - $100 1 x "H" bracket holds two receivers - $150 1 x XCS bracket holds one receiver - $100 Buy them all and get a free BFD antenna :blink: Maceo Bishop (917) 776-4976 maceobishop@mac.com
  13. Thanks Alec. By the way, both BFD's have sold. I still have some cables which I have posted. Thanks to all who have called. Maceo
  14. For Sale: 3 Custom Delrin marking rings ($20 ea.) 2 BFD - Arri R/S cables($110 ea.) 1 BFD ? Panavison R/S ($170) 1 BFD ? Arri 11 pin Fischer Right angle R/S ($200)new 1 BFD ? Arri 11 pin Fischer Right angle R/S ($170)new 1 BFD ? Anton R/S ($110) 1 ?Spare Control Knob antenna (B.O.) new
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