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  1. Walter Klassen HARD MOUNT KIT $1200 USD-OBO ( NET TO ME) New is $1595.00 Config B or "Standard" setup. Kit include: Vehicle mount Mitchell plate Tie-down knob Manfrotto clamp - 2" clamp dia. Clamp reducers - 2" to 1.5" clamp dia. Stainless steel fasteners $1200 USD NET TO ME. Item is located in Chicago, Illinois USA Buyer pays for shipping and insurance Email is quicker than replying to this post NO CASE PAINTER4270@ME.COM
  2. GPI PRO TITAN ARM- 4 BLUE AND 4 BLACK $20,000 USD OBO To purchase a new GPI PRO Titan Arm is $22,500 plus tax I Purchased the arm (SN 086) from Juan Matias Ramos on 8/2012. Juan purchased the arm from GPI in 2011 the arm was part of a GPI rental Rig. The arm and 4 blue canisters were serviced on 5/30/18 and has not been used since. All eight canisters have the windows that work, the black canisters look almost new the blue have normal markings from use. I WILL NOT SELL ANY OF THE ITEMS SEPARATELY. If you don’t need all the canisters there are plenty of Steadicam Ops that are looking to buy blue and black canisters. Arm is located in Chicago, Illinois USA. I will ship anywhere at your cost plus insurance if you are not insured. GPI PRO ARM INVENTORY: 4- BLUE CANISTERS 4-BLACK CANISTERS ARM BAG CANISTER BAG 4-PRO POSTS 12”,10”,6”,4” 4- PRO COLARS 1- XCS SOLD 8 INCH POST WITH XCS COLAR. PRECISION GROUND +/- 0.0002 TOLERANCE ($185 NEW) 1-XCS SOLID 3 inch post. (Vintage) LOW MODE BRACKET RAIN ARM COVER Walter Klassen Air Craft Pin for quick switching of male socket block $20,000.00 OBO (NET TO ME) Buyer pays for shipping and all fees GPI PRO ARM is located in Chicago, Illinois Feel free to email me with any questions. Email is quicker than replying to this post. Thanks, Justin Painter painter4270@me.com
  3. John, This MDR works with the HU3? please email me directly Justin Painter painter4270@me.com
  4. On ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Teradek-Bolt-Pro-1st-Generation-1-TX-and-2-RX-Steadicam-arriflex-Movi-ronin/223133722625?hash=item33f3ce6801:g:8LsAAOSwRyZbkWOJ
  5. Teradek Bolt Pro Wireless Video System 1:2 1. Teradek Bolt Pro TX 2. Teradek Bolt Pro RX 3. Teradek Bolt Pro RX 4. Teradek Bolt Case 5. 2 pin to 2 pin power 6. AB- to 2 pin power 7. AB- to 2 pin power 8. AB- to 2 pin power 9. AC-Power I’m the 2nd owner, this system is in great condition with minimal usage since purchased. The battery on the transmitter works, I’ve always plugged the TX into the camera… One of the receivers is less pristine than the other... Both work the same. I guarantee the unit to work and all the cables to work. email me at painter4270@me.com The unit is in Chicago. You pay for shipping and fees. Please don't ask me how much to ship to you... 1300$.
  6. Looking to purchase a used Rocker Plate that pan and tilts. Email me the price and pictures to: Painter4270@me.com Thanks Justin Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Call Ronnie Dennis, top of the line 1st, at least 25 years in the buissness. Total Pro. ronniedennis62@gmail.com (818) 519-8167
  8. Wards Sniper Mark 3 Pro Package with Preston Interface Upgrade Pro Package : $11,300 NEW Mk 3 (Wards Sniper Infrared Laser Assembly) Display (Wireless/Wired) cable 3 ft. Pan Bracket (Universal 1/4-20 thread) Smoke Iris Assembly Sniper Arm Assembly 4 Bank Pro Battery Pack and Charger with 4 Batteries (520mAh) and Edison Cable Xylons - 17 degree Aspheron, 5 degree Aspheron, Optical Flat (green) Custom Case Operation Manuals Cables Anton Bauer to Sniper power= $225.00 3 Pin Fischer / Arri to Sniper power = $225.00 Preston Interface Upgrade and Cable $500.00 Bonus parts 4 Bank Pro Battery charger 12 V car charger cable Total New $12,300.00 Asking $11,300.00 OBO Purchaser pays shipping and all import fees. I except check, money order, bank transfers or cash If you want to use paypal you will have to pay the paypal fee’s of 2.9% The sniper is located in Chicago I will take a return only if something is wrong with the unit with in 2 days of receiving the unit, but there isn’t anything wrong with it After the money has been transferred then I will send the Sniper I purchased my Wards Sniper Mark 3 in October 2014, my Sniper has only been used by me. I just had the Preston interface upgrade last month and has been checked out by the good people at Focus Technologies and is in perfect working order. Normal service scratches on the unit, from normal use. www.focustechnologies.us is their website Feel free to email Jon Ward to ask about my Sniper, he will have all the records of service If you are interested in purchasing or making me an offer on my Wards Sniper Mark 3, PLEASE READ BELOW Email me at painter4270@me.com, The sale of my Sniper will be “First Come First Serve” situation from my personal email. ASKING $11.300 USD, OBO Justin Painter painter4270@me.com 310-283-5760 www.JustinPainter.com
  9. HyperCam HC3 I purchased this HyperCam HC3 from Mike McGowan a few years ago. I have only used it a few times. Its in perfect condition. This is was Mikes prototype for the HC3. The only difference is that it is powder coated instead of anodized. Comes with 3 dampeners and aircraft pin. I have also used the HC3 for super low mode on my rig, works great. Demo- https://vimeo.com/125297748 Low mode video- http://vimeo.com/65788505 Balance side to side - http://vimeo.com/65788506 Low Mode on Steadicam - http://player.vimeo.com/video/71936013 Mike sells the HC3 for $2200 Best offer get it! Email me at Painter4270@me.com, I don't check the forum that often. Emailing will be the best and fastest. Money orders, Bank Transfers, checks accepted. If you want to use paypal, you have to pay the 3% they charge me. You pay for shipping. I guarantee the HC3 to be in perfect condition, if it's not, I will pay for shipping back to me and refund you money.
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