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  1. Bo Baraniak


    Anybody know what is the fuse inside the AB 2702 Quad charger? Soldering gun at the ready ;) Thanks
  2. Bo Baraniak

    Aladin Mark1 Batteries

    I re cell we mine for $50 and they work great!
  3. Bo Baraniak

    WTB Used Steadicam Rig - Starter

    Are after a sled only without vest and arm?
  4. Bo Baraniak

    Ready rig

    Richard I have a upgraded efp if you're interested?
  5. Bo Baraniak

    3a arm (blue) for sale !

    Hope this is not a fraudulent advert? Can you post photos here and feel is where you purchased it from?
  6. Bo Baraniak


    Derrick If the low mode bracket isn't sold then I'm interested.
  7. Bo Baraniak

    Ikan Wireless Follow Focus

    Peter Hoare? Is he the "inventor" of the system?
  8. Bo Baraniak

    New Wireless HD TX/RX

    I managed to check out the bolt at IBC but to be honest it was difficult TO gauge an opinion with regard to its performance. The very small, compact kit was on display but It was not possible to test it further. Another notable wireless system was the IDX CW 1. Even smaller than the Bolt but with a range of 30 metres and a price of approximately 1300 euros!
  9. Bo Baraniak

    New Wireless HD TX/RX

    I shall definitely visit this stand at IBC and will check it out.
  10. Bo Baraniak

    New PRO Arm Weight Range Charts

    Can somebody tell me the actual weight of the arm with grey canisters? cheers
  11. Bo Baraniak


    I have spoken and met Curt a few times and I have nothing but praise for him. He is a "down to earth" operator and innovator who has invested all his time and energy adapting steadicam for the benefit of all operators. Furthermore his support (and Sachtler) is second to non, twice last month I have had exceptional service from the otherside of the world. I am an Artemis owner for 6 years now when I was looking for a HD/SDI sled, a wise decision at the time as only recently other manufacturers are offering this option.
  12. Bo Baraniak

    World Cup: ARG vs MEX [round of 16]

    Hi Bo Cool to have one of the World Cup operators on board! It has been brought to my attention by another operator, that some of you guys got a local rig. It sounded plausible to me, due to some missing equipment such as the zoom control. Even though I have already seen some "zoom work" done by the operator. How many operators are working on that event? Henry Hi Henry, There was a situation last year during the Confederations Cup when a local rig was hired because of a theft, however I have not heard anything recently from the 12 World Cup operators that they have had to hire a rig. There are many steadicams here with Foreign Broadcasters, ESPN alone have 3 so maybe one of them hired locally? Most match operators have bought spares, there is also a complete rig available from HBS and a complete rig for Artemis Owners provided by Telemedia (Sachtler dealer) in the event of any mishaps. At this point having experienced a malfunction myself, I would like to mention my sincere thanks to Curt Schaller from Camera Dynamics (Artemis rig), who has provided me with unbelievable swift support and replacements within days. Great to know that no matter where you are in the world, back up is just around the corner. Bo
  13. Bo Baraniak

    World Cup: ARG vs MEX [round of 16]

    Hi Henry I am currently working on this event. Local broadcast stations are not involved with the main game coverage. HBS from France are covering this event as Host Broadcaster and are using 2 crews from France, Germany and the UK. All the steadi ops have provided their own kit including follow focus. I together with 4 other ops are using Sachtler rigs, there are also some EFP and MKV rigs being used. Bo
  14. Bo Baraniak

    World Cup: ARG vs MEX [round of 16]

    Hi Alfeo, Some of the operators do not have zoom remotes on their gimbals and choose to use wide angle lenses, as a result they have to be a few inches away from the subject in order to fill the frame, this is even more evident during the team anthems where there is a line of mascots in front of the players.