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  1. Thank you for your reply Ozzie! :) We use the 700 or 800 cause we have the cameras already in the company. There is no remote control (iris, color,...) necessary ... the cameraman is controlling this manualy on the camera. So i don't want to buy a CCU. Like EB. For me/us is important to get a tally light into the wireless camera. Right now, if we using a normal HD-SDI wireless transmitter, the camera heras only over the radio is he is on air. Systems for wireless tally (external tally device on the camera) are also available on market but i don't now how to get the tally signal in the camera. I saw the IDX CW-F25 - it's about 8000$ but (i think) also without tally. Thank you a lot! :)
  2. Hi guys :) i'm searching for a wireless HD video transmitter with tally for a sony pdw-700 or/and sony pmw-800. I don't want a external tally light - i want to use the camera tally. ... maybe also with intercom - but not a must. I don't own a CCU for this cams. Is there a system less than 10.000$ on the market? The range should be about 650 to 1000 feet. Thank you and best regards!
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