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  1. GPI Pro Vest (Goofy adapted) Chest 25” , Waist 34” I’m Flowcine XDROP (Goofy) Like new 5000€+500€ Located in Madrid
  2. Good condition No plate Custom rods for Volt box 2000€ plus shipping
  3. The kit is in mint condition: 2x KS6 gyro, 1x inverter, 2x cables and brackets 1x Pelicase. I'm asking for 3000€ plus shipping Located in Spain IMG_1251.heic
  4. Last time they answer me was last month
  5. I order a gimbal three months ago and I'm still waiting, do you have any news?
  6. Looking for a 1.5" gimbal. PM me if you have a used one for sale. Thanks
  7. Hello I'm looking to buy an used mkv top stage. Thanks in advance
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